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I Must Have This $107,000 Custom ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Jeep

Sitting on a cool $107,000 in toy money? How about spending it on a custom Jeep modeled after the toughness of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from

Watch a Lunatic Drive His Jeep into a Pool

This is how you demolish an above-ground pool in Canada. It is infinitely more fun than the more traditional method of dissembling it responsibly. You

Watch a Bunch of Bros Race Each Other in Barbie Jeeps

Every year, the 4x4 crew holds a Barbie Jeep Race. The prize: $200. The video evidence: Priceless.

In Which the Rear Bumper Flies Off of a Jeep and Blasts a Dude in the Face

All the blame for this falls squarely on the asshole who DROVE HIS JEEP INTO THE OCEAN, right? Thanks to him having to always be