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The Nats’ Jayson Werth Had the Sickest Steal of the Year

He always won 'tag' as a child.

Jayson Werth Went FULL BRO During Batting Practice

Good look.

Jayson Werth’s Heart Stops After Taking Comically Slow Pitch for a Strike

Whew. Thought we had lost him there. Good to see that it takes more than a slow, meandering pitch to kill a professional athlete.

Is This Jayson Werth Performing D-Generation X’s ‘Suck It’?

The Washington Nationals fell to .500 today after losing 2-0 to the Cleveland Indians, but the game's real climax came in the 7th inning. After

Jayson Werth Blacked Out, Hit a Walk-Off Homer for the Washington Nationals

For one day, Jayson Werth was worth every penny the Washington Nationals paid for him.