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Did Beyonce’s Epic VMA Performance Save Her Marriage?

Beyonce put out all the stops during her VMA performance on Sunday night. With all the rumors of her marriage […]

Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Released A Beyonce Diss Track And It Sucks

Side chicks getting real brave these days.

Bey and Jay’s Trailer For Their Summer Tour Is Better Than Any Michael Bay Flick

The two know how to get the internet talking.

The Jay-Z-Solange Fight Gets the Audio It Deserves Courtesy of ‘SNL’

You knew it was coming.

The Hotel Employee Who Leaked the Jay Z-Solange Fight Tape Has Been Fired

... But not before collecting a $250,000 payout from TMZ.

Whoever Leaked That Jay-Z-Solange Video Got PAID

Very, very paid.

Here’s Video of Beyonce’s Sister Attacking Jay Z in an Elevator

She came at the king.

OH MAN: Major League Lacrosse Is Now Bashing Jay Z


So When’s That New Jay Z Album Dropping? (Soon)

Streets is watching.

Jay-Z And Jay Electronica Drop a Remix of Soulja Boy’s ‘We Made It,’ Diss Drake

About damn time Jay Electronica gets his ass in gear and starts releasing music. Finally the Roc Nation signee drops some new music, this time

Andy Roddick’s Jay-Z Impression Is So Bad, Every Rap Fan Will Want to Jump Off a Bridge

Hilariously-bad video from Brooklyn Decker, who uploaded this ridiculous impression of Jay-Z by her husband, Andy Roddick. Stick to tennis, Bro... 

That Didn’t Take Long: Here’s Jay-Z Drinking Booze Out of His New Grammy

When Jay-Z won this Grammy he claimed he'd give it to Blue Ivy to use as a gold sippy cup. It looks like he immediately foiled

Jay Z Brought Up a 12-Year-Old to Rap with Him on Stage, and the Kid Killed It

On the Sunday stop of Jay Z's "Magna Carter World Tour" in Greensboro, N.C., a 12-year-old named Justin held up a sign that said, "Can I

Jay Z Ranks His Own Albums, and It’s Difficult to Argue With Him

On the occasion of Jay Z's 44th birthday—a birthday any casual fan should remember; and bonus points if you just thought "10 pounds, eight ounces," too—Jay took

Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Make the Case That Jay Z Should Sell Out

After the luxury department store Barney's was recently caught racially profiling several African-American shoppers, Jay Z was put in a tight spot. On the one hand, he

Jay Z and Beyonce Made a Ridiculous Amount of Money Last Year

Forbes just released its annual list of the highest-earning celebrity "power couples," and, unsurprisingly, Jay Z and Beyonce top the list. The duo raked in

Jay-Z and Kanye West Are Both Going on Tour This Fall

This morning, Kanye West announced that he will be going on tour this fall—marking the first time the rapper has toured solo in five years.

Here’s Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s Strange and Visually Stunning Video for ‘Holy Grail’

Directed by Anthony Mandler and featuring the one and only Timberlake, Jay Z's music video for his latest album's opener, "Holy Grail," premiered exclusively on

Jay Z and Kanye West Have Discussed ‘Watch the Throne 2,’ Could Be Coming Soon

Fresh out the frying pan of a roundtable discussion on Bill Maher's Real Time, today Jay Z (no hyphen) stepped into the fire of what

Here’s ‘Picasso, Baby’ a Ten Minute ‘Performance Art Film’ from Jay Z

Jay Z's six hour excursion at the Pace Gallery in NYC has been well documented. This is a 10 minute short he released on the

HBO to Air Film on ‘Picasso Baby,’ Jay Z’s Latest Underwhelming Single

Interested in watching a film about Jay Z performing, for six hours straight, an already-repetitive song—taken from his latest underwhelming and overhyped victory lap/album—over and

Important: Jay-Z is Now Jay Z

If there’s one thing Shawn Carter is passionate about, it’s rap. If there’s another thing Shawn Carter is passionate about, it’s punctuation. After all, he’s

The Definitive Look at Jay-Z, Businessman

Jay-Z grossed $7.3 million with eight sold-out shows at the Barclays Center last year. His Magna Carta Holy Grail deal with Samsung netted him $20 million.

Justin Timberlake Dropped Audio for His New Single ‘Take Back The Night’

Jay-Z follows up the crazy success of "Suit & Tie" and "Mirors" with the brand new single that combines the pop sensibility of a Michael

Here Are the Highlights from Jay-Z’s Six-Hour Performance at a New York Art Gallery Yesterday

If you follow a lot of NYC-based media types, this event probably wrecked your Twitter timeline around mid-afternoon yesterday: Jay-Z hosted a surprise invite-only music

17 Reactions People Have Listening to Jay-Z’s New Album at Work

Jay-Z’s new album, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail, dropped yesterday. Here’s a track-by-track breakdown written by a cubicle warrior as he listened, with details on

A Hilarious Parody of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

GOOD NEWS, WORLD: At the strike of midnight tonight, a new Jay-Z album will be birthed into the world. But that doesn't mean we can't

An Amazing Video of Jay-Z Hanging Out with Phish in 2004

2004 was kind of a bittersweet year for me. Not to date myself, but it was the year I graduated high school. It was the

Rumors of Free Jay-Z Concert In NYC on July 8 Confirmed

There were rumors that Jay-Z would be performing a free concert somewhere in NYC on July 8th. The concert was approved today and you'll never

Jay-Z Continues Path of World Domination, Signs Kevin Durant to Roc Nation Sports

He's not a businessman, he's a BUSINESS, MANNNN.

VIDEO: Jay-Z Announces New Album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ During Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Well this is one hell of a way to create some album buzz. Teaming up with Samsung, Jay-Z announced his new album, Magna Carta Holy

Some Guy Slapped Beyonce’s Ass During a Concert

Who among us hasn’t wanted to give Beyonce a healthy slap on her healthy backside? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Did You Know That Jay-Z Lived in 1939?

Ready for this?

Stream Jay-Z’s New Song ‘100$ Bill,’ Which Is So F*cking Gatsby

Jay-Z has finally released a streaming version of "100$ Bill," his track on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby. Filled with references to money and

Stream Snippets of ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack, Except the Two Most Anticipated Ones

Interscope Records just e-mailed over a 12-track sampler of The Great Gatsby soundtrack accompanying Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film adaptation. Roaring 20s Jazz Age speak: "Let's get

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Actually Responded to Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’

Disclaimer: This is ridiculous. Just incredibly dumb. With that out of the way...

Jay-Z Fired Off a Blistering Diss Track ‘Open Letter’ Today

This is what makes Jay-Z's life so great: If a politician gets in trouble, he's forced to stand in front of dozens of hungry reporters

Jay-Z is an Agent Now, and His First Client is Robinson Cano

Alright then.

Artist Uses Jay-Z, Nas, and Other Rap Lyrics to Map Out NYC in Awesome Way

Any rap fan who's visited New York City has experienced this phenomenon: You might come in from up north and ride a bus through Queens,

Someone Allegedly Hacked Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Personal Financial Information and Posted It Online

According to TMZ, the FBI and LAPD is currently investigating a high-profile hacking incident who compromised the personal financial information of over a dozen celebrities.