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Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler Just Bro’ed Out So Hard With This Hug

Count Brandon Marshall as someone who is happy Jay Cutler is back. 

Jay Cutler Is the Most Clutch Quarterback in the NFL (?!?)

If you've watched the Red Zone channel for the past three hours, you may now be curled up in a fetal position, drooling on your

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A shortened week maybe, but that doesn't mean today will let up it's relentless draggage. Hopefully, this sports fix will prevent you from doing anything

The 75 Hottest Dancers in the NBA, 6 NFL Teams Ready for the Playoffs, and More Midweek Sports Links

If you can almost taste the weekend, these sports links won't do much to aid your quest of making your string of days off into

20 Athletes You’d Never Want to Play With, Bryce Harper’s Girlfriend, and More Midweek Sports Links

As usual, we've got some great content from our sports partners. Getting closer to the weekend, one procrastination article at a time. 

Not Even President Obama Wants Jay Cutler Playing for the Chicago Bears

Today President Obama hosted Green Bay Packers at the White House to congratulate them for winning the Super Bowl. With the usual Executive Branch pagentry,

Jay Cutler Dumps Kristin Cavallari, Calls Off Wedding, Threatens to Block Fans on Facebook

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler can go into training camp without the stresses of an overbearing bride-to-be now that he dumped his D-list actress fiancee,