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Just Jason Segel Taking Epic Pics at the Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru

Jason Segel is the man.

Jason Collins and Jason Segel Were High School Basketball Teammates

Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay is dominating the news cycle right now, as it well should. But let’s not forget lose sight of

Here’s A Funny New Trailer for ‘This is 40,’ Judd Apatow’s ‘Sort of Sequel’ to ‘Knocked Up’

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's marriage in "Knocked Up" was so hilarious, making a spinoff/sequel was pretty much a no-brainer. Hence, this trailer. 

Kemper Pedic Beds: For the Guy Who Wants to Jack Off Without His Girl Noticing

Jason Segel hosted "SNL" last night (with some help from the Muppets) and the best bit of the night was definitely the "Kemper Pedic Bed"