Our First Look At Jason Momoa As Aquaman Is Righteously BADASS


I had my reservations as to how they could make a standalone movie about Aquaman.

khal drogo

Calling Jason Momoa’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition Tape Intense Would Be Putting It Lightly


Jason Momoa played Dothraki lord Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones for nine memorable episodes and over the weekend his audition tape resurfaced on the Internet, thanks to his being cast as Aquaman one would assume, showing just how jacked he was to play the role.

Jason Momoa

Bro Gets in a Slap Fight with Khal Drogo, Hilarity Ensues


Jason Momoa will slap you if you're a fan of his, and that's cool as shit.


This is why we don’t play the slap game with Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’


Any sort of slap game with a regular person can sting a bit.

Walter Hill

New ‘Bullet To The Head’ trailer shoots first


I like Sylvester Stallone more as an old guy, is that so wrong.

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