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Jason Dufner Holed Out for Eagle at the Memorial, and His Face Lit Up With Jubilation

The new Dufnering is Dufnering.

Jason Dufner Went Hiking With His Hot Wife, and the Video Is Amazing

Give whoever the hell's in charge of the PGA Tour's YouTube account a raise. Other than Tiger and Elin reuniting for 30 minutes of fierce

Jason Dufner Dufners a Putt So Hard

Jason Dufner has been focusing most of his attention on his beloved Auburn Tigers lately, and perhaps it's having an adverse impact on his golf

Tiger Woods Just Shot Down Jason Dufner on Twitter Like a Boss

Jason Dufner is playing in Tiger Woods' Northwestern Mutual World Challenge this week, a no-cut, four-day event. 

How Did Jason Dufner Land His Smoking Hot Wife?

Everyone saw Jason Dufner celebrate the PGA Championship with a celebratory butt pat for his wife. And everyone thought two things: 1. Awesome. 2. How'd

This Supercut of Jason Dufner’s Waggles From the PGA Championship is Fucking Mesmerizing

All I can say is thank fucking god this isn't a supercut of Keegan Bradley's pre-shot routine. If I had to imagine up a nightmare

Jason Dufner Celebrates PGA Championship By Grabbing Wife’s Butt

Jason Dufner, Auburn grad and crowd favorite, won the PGA Championship on Sunday and took home a brand new spittoon. This is how he celebrated... 

Jason Dufner Sinks an Eagle From 150 Yards, Then Adjusts His Junk

Jason Dufner is known for his hilarious sitting style, but he is also quite handy with a golf club. He showed that skill off during