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This Fifteen Year-Old Schoolgirl Decapitated Her Classmate Because She ‘Wanted To Dissect Someone’

That sounds like a pretty valid reason, I don't see the problem here.

In Case You Were Wondering, 3-D Printing Your Vagina And Making It Into A Boat Is Illegal Over In Japan

Just a heads up if you were thinking about making pussy boats.

So There’s A New Video Game Where You Run Around And Tear Off People’s Clothing…And Here’s A Video Of it

I don't understand how this hasn't been made until now.

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Japanese Pitcher’s Hilarious Eephus Pitch

Wait for it ...

New Japanese Condom Ads Are as Fucking Weird as You’d Expect

It would be more confusing if they were sane.

Japanese Bro Attaches Toothbrush to Automatic Pistol, Hilarity Ensues

It's a heck of a lot more dangerous than flossing.

President Obama Played Soccer With a Humanoid Robot, Watched It Dance

He, Robot.

This Japanese Prank Is Easily the Worst Way Ever to Be Woken Up

Imagine you get drunk one night and pass out in bed. The next thing you know, you are being flung […]

Watch Doge Travel to Japan to Fight the Illuminati to Score Weed for Dead Rappers in Heaven to Smoke

If you are unfamiliar with doge memes, back away now, because this is not the way to acclimate yourself to them. 

Hi, My Name Is David and Last Week I F*cked a Bunch of Japanese Sex Toys

Up until seven days ago, I'd never stuck my dick inside anything other than a woman. Thirty years of living good, the only contact my

This Is, Allegedly, the Scariest Commercial Ever Made

You can thank the country of Japan for a commercial so frightening that it requires a health warning: "Not for the faint of heart. Please refrain

No One in Japan Is Having Sex

45% of women aged 16 to 24 in Japan are "not interested in or despise" sexual contact. More than a quarter of men feel the

Japanese Prison Debuts New Mascot for Inmates to Murder

This is something that’s happening in the real world and not in the mind of a Saturday Night Live sketch writer.

Here’s a Ridiculous Dinosaur Prank That Comes, Unsurprisingly, from Japan

Everyone American who "pranks" strangers by just walking up to them and saying something weird: You're on blast. Japan has fucking dinosaurs.

Hamster Eats Baby Corn and Then HOLY SHIT, What Just Happened?

Look, I’m no hamster expert but this seems pretty extreme. What happens next? Does the thing die? Hamster enthusiasts – don’t be shy, come forward

Japanese Gymnastics Sketch Redefines Comedy

No one does comedy like the Japanese. To wit: check out this cutting-edge men’s gymnastics bit that aired on a variety show. It crushes pretty

For Some Reason, Japanese Create Flying Gun-Carrying Robot

At first blush, a gun-toting robot that can fly is an awesome idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that? But then you realize

This is the Worst Fish in the World

Simply put, this fish sucks. Its scientific name is Urechis unicinctus but everyone calls it “the penis fish.” You know why.

Japanese Man’s Motorcycle Lost in Tsunami Washes Ashore in Canada

When a tsunami basically wiped out everything a guy in Japan had, I bet the last thing he thought was that he'd see his bike

Girl From ‘The Ring’ Throws Out Creepiest First Pitch Ever

This is beyond bizarre. To promote an upcoming spin-off movie, the super-creepy girl from “The Ring” threw out the first pitch at a

Japanese Promo for UFC 144 Confusing, Awesome

This promotional video, hyping UFC 144, is unlike any we've ever seen. The fighters turn into cartoon characters and the lyrics are just,

Botaoshi Is the Weirdest Japanese ‘Sport’ You’ll See Today

"Bo-Taoshi" isn't the name of a kinky new Japanese fetish involving freezers and Miracle-Gro; it's a strange sport that's all the rage across the Pacific

This Nine-Year Old Japanese Wrestler is a Boss

Because I don't understand a lick of Japanese beyond "arigatou gozaimasu," I know very little about this pint-sized wrestling wunderkind or what his story is.

The Tale of a Japanese Dog that Refused to Leave an Injured Friend

This is one of the most powerful images you'll ever see on canine loyalty. While reporting from the widespread destruction of the earthquake and tsunami,

Insane Girl Overjoyed About Japan Earthquake Claiming It’s a Good Sign from God

  I could careless about which God people do or do not believe in, so long as they don't pontificate their ideals in my presence and

UPDATE: Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan; Triggers Devastating Tsunami

Early Friday morning (2:46 p.m. Tokyo time) a 8.9 magnitude earthquake rattled northeastern Japan, triggering a devastating 30-foot tsunami that swept away cars, boats, buildings,

The Strangest Japanese Video Involving an Egg Yolk You’ll See All Day

Back in my college days, while I was studying abroad, I spent a solid week traveling around southern Japan. I slept in capsule hotels, drank

VIDEO: Andre Agassi Shows Nekked Picture of Steffi Graf to Highest Auction Bidder

Retired tennis star, occasional crystal meth user, and once-mulleted bad ass Andre Agassi was recently in Japan to host a charity auction. He told the

Huge in Japan: 20 Japanese Models with Godzilla-Like Chests

Tomorrow is International Sake Day. We'll be toasting our favorite Japanese rice liquor at midnight with a sake bomb. In the meantime, we'll start celebrating