Tom Hardy

Did James Gandolfini Deliver In This Final Movie Role? — ‘The Drop’ Review


Before I write even one word of criticism about the The Drop I must start with this: If you’re reading this review sitting in front of your computer, shitfaced, and wearing nothing but a hat then you better take that goddamn hat off and bow your head in a moment of silence for the late, great Mr.

Tony Soprano best moments

Tony Soprano’s 10 greatest moments ever


The Sopranos was arguably the greatest television drama ever created.

Sopranos diner tribute James Gandolfini

‘Sopranos’ diner honors James Gandolfini in classiest way possible


The diner where the infamous "fade to black" ending to The Sopranos took place has paid tribute to the fallen star, James Gandolfini, in the simplest but classiest way you could imagine.

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