Batista Will End Up Being A Bigger Movie Star Than The Rock And Here’s Why


In case you missed the news, former WWE star Dave Batista will be playing Mr.

james bond

James Bond Will Be Driving An Aston Martin DB10 In ‘Spectre’ And It Looks SICK


A lot of details about the new James Bond movie, Spectre, were announced by director Sam Mendes yesterday.

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Here’s Everything You Need To About The Next James Bond Film ‘Spectre’ (Bond Girls, Villain, New Car)


Great news for Bond fans this morning as the franchise released a ton of new details about the next film in the series, 'Spectre'.


What would James Bond be like if he couldn’t hold his liquor?


It's only the first week of the Pete Holmes Show on TBS and they're already hitting it out of the park.


James Bond Is Coming Back in 2015, with Sam Mendes Again Directing


Originally, Skyfall director Sam Mendes wasn't going to return to the James Bond franchise, begging off to instead direct theater productions of King Lear and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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‘Fleming’ trailer is as mysterious as Bond


Not many authors deserve a TV series about them, but Ian Fleming is an exception.

William Brodie

7 legendary fictional characters inspired by real people


Some fictional characters are so larger than life that it’s hard to believe that they could ever have been inspired by anything other than a writer’s no doubt drug fueled imagination.

Video games

‘Killer Is Dead’ is all about loving and killing


How's this for a concept: you play as a dude that's part James Bond, part Mega Man, and all ruthless assassin.


Dead Bro Wants You to Go See ‘Skyfall’ Instead of Getting Him Flowers, Plus Today’s Fix (29 Pics)


Man, screw flowers: What better way to honor the deceased than going to see "Skyfall".

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