Passenger Fed Up With Airline Shenanigans Whips His Junk Out, Holds A Naked Protest In The Airport


A passenger flying to Jamaica by way of Charlotte had enough of the airlines jerking him around with no happy ending.


First ‘Legal Marijuana Plant’ In Jamaica, Majority Of Americans Favor Legalization – This Week In Weed News


'This week in weed news' is highlighted by the first ever legal marijuana plant being planted in Jamaica, and a FOX News poll showing that the majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana.


The Most Sexual Dance On Earth ‘Daggering’ Gets the Jim Ross-WWE Treatment


Daggering is a dance native to the tiny island of Jamaica, and it involves trying to hurt your dancing partner by nearly any means possible, as long as it looks sexual.

sochi 2014

This Is the Only Jamaican Bobsled Hype Up Jam You’ll Ever Need


And if I know you, your life has been sorely lacking in the Jamaican Bobsled Hype Video Department.


The Clint Dempsey GIF is worthy of your attention


This Clint Dempsey GIF is perhaps the most wonderful thing on the internet.

yohan blake

Yohan Blake Smokes Usain Bolt in 100 Meter Olympic Qualifier


Apparently the world’s fastest man can be beaten.

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