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‘It’s Like They Got Divorced’: James Harden, Kevin Durant Talk About How They Miss Playing Together

One of the bigger NBA bromances came to an abrupt halt last season, when James Harden suddenly got shipped off to the Houston Rockets. Now,

Jalen Rose Explains Why It’s Perfectly OK for JR Smith, NBA Players to Be Wildin’ Up in the Club

Another solid "I'm experienced, so I could talk about this shit" moment from Jalen Rose. JR Smith and his notorious playoff shooting slump bowed out

Jalen Rose Tells an Awesome Story About Dunking On, Trash Talking Michael Jordan

Jalen Rose has been on a tear with the Grantland Network--his videos dealing with topics only a wizened NBA vet could discuss (what it's like

Will Chris Webber Show Up for the National Championship Game Tonight?

Tonight's national championship game between Michigan and Louisville seems it's coming to us straight from a 1994 time machine. There are the names Tim Hardaway

Jalen Rose Unveils His ‘Dark Alley Fab Five,’ AKA the Baddest Bruisers Currently in the NBA

Scare or get scared. 

Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose to Join ESPN NBA Countdown, Making Show Actually Watchable

ESPN's NBA Countdown spent last season as sort of the bastard cousin of TNT's pregame show. It's not worth going through why each individual member

Bobby Hurley Is Still Picking on the Fab Five

Remember last year's totally unbiased Fab Five doc executive produced by Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King? How Rose called Grant Hill

Jalen Rose Confronted Skip Bayless About Hoops Career On Air

Yesterday, we brought you news that award-winning sports shouter Skip Bayless may have exaggerated claims relating to his high school basketball career. A nation rejoiced

Grant Hill Responds to Jalen Rose’s Statements Regarding Duke’s Black Basketball Players

Grant Hill promised a response to the "Fab Five" doc*mentary that aired on ESPN Sunday night — and in particular the language Jalen Rose and