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Well, Here’s a Picture of That High Schooler Who Went to Prom with Nina Agdal

(Alert: Angry screed ahead. I'm sorry, but this stuff has irritated the sh*t out of me for two months.) 

Kate Upton DENIES Bro’s High School Prom Invite; Dude Is Now Going with Nina Agdal Instead

BREAKING K.U.N.N. UPDATE: Remember 17-year-old Jake Davidson’s incredible attempt at asking Kate Upton his high school prom? Turns out she was all like, "NAH," and

Looks Like Kate Upton Might Be Too Busy to Go to Jake Davidson’s Prom

Super important K.U.N.N. update. Bad news for last week's Bro of the Week, Los Angeles high school senior Jake Davidson. After Tweeting that she'd "love to go" and

Holy Sh*t, Kate Upton Might Be Going to Prom with That High Schooler

This morning, we posted the video below. It's high schooler Jake Davidson asking Kate Upton to go to his prom.