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Wanna Barf? Jagermeister-Flavored Poutine Exists

Terrible idea.

Did Rory McIlroy Celebrate His British Open Win By Drinking Jägermeister Out of the Claret Jug? Yep!

"No fancy shit for us, thanks. I'll take that brown sludge over there in the corner."

Star of CMT’s ‘Party Down South’ Funnels Entire Bottle of Jager, Somehow Still Alive

This is the best audition tape for Celebrity Rehab I've ever seen!

BroBible and Friends Will Be Throwing SXSW Parties at the Woven House Tonight Through Saturday

Woven, in conjunction with our partners Spike TV, Jägermeister, and Mitchell &Ness will be running The Woven House at SXSW in Austin, TX this

Keep Track of All Your Nights Out with Jägermeister’s New App, JägerBonds

It's time to get into a JägerBonds, Bros.

Do Your Bros Have Your Back? If So, Here’s a Chance to Win a Trip to Vegas with Freddie Roach

Probably the single most important tenant of the enduring Bro code is that through thick and thin, Bros have each other's backs. Perhaps more importantly,

For Dennis Rodman, Jager is the Breakfast of Champions

Dennis Rodman is not in what you'd call a good place right now. He's broke, a drunk, and currently paying $51,000 a month in child

The Jägermeister Logo Finally Makes Sense (Pic)

We've all heard the urban legends about Jägermeister containing deer blood. 77 years after the German liqueur was introduced, we finally understand the cryptic meaning behind

Dude Drinks Entire Bottle of Jagermeister in 30 Seconds, Promptly Eats Toilet Paper to Avoid Puking

F*ckin' Shoenice. Continuing to do God's work to himself. This time he slugs an entire bottle of Jagermeister and then he proceeds to