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Justin Blackmon Can’t Catch a Break, Arrested For Marijuana

What's with star receivers lighting up?

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Poolside Cabanas Look Pretty Tight

Get wet.

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Zipline From Top of Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars did something good, you guys. Savor this moment. 

Even the Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Can’t Make Tonight’s Game Watchable

The NFL‎ Network has taken heat for the poor quality of play in Thursday Night games. Look for that trend to continue this week when two teams

Excitement for Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans Game Hits Fever Pitch With Craigslist Ad

Thursday night’s Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans game is poised to be a big bowl of sadness for all involved. One “lucky” ticket holder is looking to

Jacksonville’s Jason Babin Ripped the Dreads Off a Cardinals Player and Threw Them On the Ground

The NFL is getting so insanely barbaric, I freakin' love it. Here's a screencap of Jason Babin holding the guy's dreads up like a trophy from

This Tim Tebow Plane is So Sad

A tremendously sad group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans are trying -- for some reason -- to stage a campaign for the team to sign Tim

It’s Tim Tebow Time in Jacksonville, According to this Bad Commercial

Tim Tebow could openly murder several puppies on the floor of the U.S. Senate and there would be Tim Tebow truthers out there defending him.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ New Uniforms are the Best

The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms minutes ago, and they are badass. Now, if only the on-field product was this exciting.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Made a Sexy Swimsuit Calendar for Us to Enjoy

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the more irrelevant franchises in the NFL. Their cheerleaders, however, are definitely something to enjoy. Here they are on