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Survey Shows Jackie Chan Is More Admired Worldwide Than Pope Francis, Stephen Hawking, And The Dalai Lama

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A worldwide survey conducted by YouGov polled 34 countries, accounting for two-thirds of the world's population, asking pollsters to rank which men and women they admire the most.

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

9 of the weirdest pre-fame celebrity cameos


Everybody has something in their past that’s weird or embarrassing.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Has the Best Bruce Lee Story Ever


Jackie Chan tells the story about the time when he was a young actor and his idol, Bruce Lee, accidentally struck him in the head during the filming of Enter the Dragon.

Tom Cruise

8 of the most exciting action movie stunts ever


Action movies live or die by the "wow" factor of action sequences that can thrill audiences and leave lasting impressions.

movie trailers

Watch the Trailer for ‘Chinese Zodiac,’ Jackie Chan’s Last Action Film


One of the most famous—and ridiculous—aspects of Jackie Chan's career is his willingness to perform every one of his own stunts in his films.

Video games

Stripper poles and chickens found in ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2′


As also noted the other day, when trading in my copy of Resident Evil 6, I put it towards Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Oliver Platt

Jackie Chan is almost 60, still insane in ‘Chinese Zodiac’


When an actor is older than my dad and is still doing street luge down a building, he wins forever.

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