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Jack Nicholson Left a Kid Hanging in Epic Fashion

So cold.

It Appears Jack Nicholson REALLY Wants to Bang Jennifer Lawrence

At the Oscars this past February, we were all treated to the delightful video of Jack Nicholson hitting on Jennifer Lawrence. 

Jack Nicholson Says He’s Lost the Drive for Acting, Hitting on Women (!)

Two weeks ago, the Internet did as the Internet does best—widely spreading around a vague report that memory issues had forced Jack Nicholson out of acting.

Jack Nicholson Has Reportedly Retired from Acting

This really sucks.

See Your Favorite Hollywood Actors’ Less Than Memorable Debuts

Even the most prestigious actors started their cinematic careers in some crummy movie.

Man Uses Jack Nicholson’s Face on His Fake I.D.

Who doesn't want to be Jack Nicholson? He's one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time, he's rich, and he's tagged some of the