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J.R. Smith Destroyed Two Sets of Ankles Last Night at the Garden

First things first: With the Knicks up 13 on the Cavs, J.R. Smith faced off with struggling rookie Anthony Bennett and you can almost hear him

Sneaky J.R. Smith Untied Shawn Marion’s Shoes During a Free Throw

J.R. Smith is an interesting and entertaining athlete, but I can't help but question his sportsmanship after he pulled the old untie-the-shoe trick on Shawn

J.R. Smith Really Screwed Up His 9/11 Instagram Tribute

I don't think that's the word you meant to use, J.R. Smith. 

This J.R. Smith R&B Slow Jam May Cause Your Girl to Leave You for J.R. Smith

Confession time: After living in New York for two weeks, I jumped on the Knicks bandwagon. It's disgusting how quickly it happened. I give you

J.R. Smith Just BURNED Kris Humphries on Twitter

(Pictured above: The Knicks celebrating J.R. on his burn.)

J.R. Smith Dunked a Basketball Exquisitely

I love the smell of dunks in the morning.

J.R. Smith’s Dunk Was a Thing of Beauty

The New York Knicks lost to the Miami Heat, 87-70, at Madison Square Garden last night and now face a 3-0 series deficit.