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Get Pumped for the Carolina Cup by Watching Frat Dude Rocks Last Year’s

Last year, I rocked the Carolina Cup. This was a Frat Dude Mecca (with exactly zero Middle Eastern people). Check it out to get pumped

The 8 Dumbest Trends of 2012

2012 was a great year. We got “Call Me Maybe” and Instagram IN THE SAME YEAR. It’s not every year that you get a song

The 7 People You Shouldn’t Play Flag Football With on Thanksgiving

There are two traditions on Thanksgiving. One is to get brutally drunk on Wednesday night. The other is to play flag football with your old

The 7 Rules For the Wednesday Night Before Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. It’s the worst named holiday because it implies that you’re going to spend the day being thankful and giving, but Thanksgiving is

NFLShop.com Commercial Spoof With Greg Jennings

The NFL now runs commercials with the League's stars shooting the shit with regular dudes. This ad—much like the one starring Stephen Jackson—must have somehow

Women With Mustaches Aren’t Funny But I’ll Still Bang Them

I was doing my usual post-xvideos-internet-surfing. You know, that moment in your refractory period where you’re done being disgusted with yourself for watching “Midwestern Couple”

How to Break Up

I was going to wait to do this until tomorrow, but I’m well into my refractory period right now and, well, I just noticed a

Sorry I’m Not Sorry I Played Football in High School

Occasionally I’ll read Esquire, because I’m VERY cultured and, unlike The New Yorker, it has boobies. Yesterday, I finally got around to an article by

5 Tips To Date Proof Your Facebook Profile

We can all agree that Facebook is the social hub of hooking up. It’s where a meeting goes from a handshake to a dry hand-job,

The 7 Best Places to Pick Up Chicks for Boning

I’ve spent the last month reading columns on this site about chicks you meet at parties, how to pick up chicks, where to store all

Happy Graduation: What You Can Expect Your First Year After College to Be Like

This month, thousands of kids will take photos with their parents and siblings and grandparents in front of some meaningless slab of architecture that’s supposed

If Facebook Invites Could Talk

I have this weird obsession with how people present themselves on Facebook. From the chick who can't stop talking about a break-up to the dude

J-Train’s World: My Case For Keeping Weed Illegal

I am not a stoner. I partake. I abide. I enjoy. But I am not a stoner. I’ve never worn Birkenstocks. I have never wondered

6 Reasons Why Bros Need Nerds

Have you ever talked to anyone who currently attends, or graduated from, a small liberal arts college (less than 3,000 people)? They’re insane. They talk

The Alternate Hot Chick Universe

Hey guys, Kate Upton, right? Good God. She’s everywhere, not the least of which happens to be the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Video: Frat Dude Crashes the 2012 AVN Expo

Last week, I gave you the scene from the red carpet at the AVN awards in Las Vegas (awkwardness with Chyna included). This week, in

VIDEO: Frat Dude Goes to the AVN Awards (Part 1)

Last week, I served up a photo journal of my trip to the AVN Awards. This week, I'm giving you the full AVN Experience (adult

J-Train Is Live-Blogging the AVN Awards in Vegas!

Our man J-Train is live in Las Vegas right now, manning the red carpet outside the Adult Video News Awards for BroBible. Follow along with

The Guide to Every Awards Show, Including, God Willing, the AVNs

Hey everyone, let’s put aside those protests about SOPA and PIPA (I, for one, love Mexican soup, so count me IN) for a second and

Say Yes to Fat Chicks

Somehow an argument broke out during the Steelers-Tebows game about whether Anne Hathaway was hot. This initially struck me as insane; obviously Anne Hathaway is

I Hate You on Facebook

I hate you. I hate you so much. Everything you post is stupid, and your fiance — whom you’ve referred to as "The Fiance" about

New Year’s Resolution #1: More Day Drinking in 2012

New Year’s resolutions are tough; they’re like having a hot girlfriend. Seems great at first, but after six weeks -- for whatever reason -- that

Can You Be Friends With an Ex-Girlfriend?

All of these ex-girlfriend horror stories you guys have been sending in got me thinking: Can you really ever be friends with your ex? That

Frat Dude Goes to SantaCon

Last time, I scoured Comic Con for Bros, with little success. So I decided to take a trip to SantaCon to answer the

The N*dity of the Future

As I was watching "Boardwalk Empire" on Sunday night, I came to an Earth-shattering conclusion. Chicks are getting nekked on that show. A lot.

Frat Bro Goes to Comic-Con

A few weeks ago I went to New York's Comic-Con to see if I could find any Bros. While I didn't find many

Brett Ratner: Sympathy for a D-Bag

Welcome to "J-Train's World." My background is in counter-espionage and dating advice, and here you will find discussions not only on those topics, but on