Ebola Could Potentially Wipe Out 60% Of The World’s Chocolate, It’s Time To FREAK OUT


The West African countries are responsible for nearly 60% of the world's cacao production, the main ingredient in chocolate, and it's the region hardest hit by the ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic.

World Cup 2010

Brazil’s Kaka Gets Red Card After the Ivory Coast’s Kader Keita Performs Worst Dive of the World Cup


 If you didn't catch any of today's World Cup action, you missed New Zealand shocking Italy with a 1-1 tie, Paraguay knocking off Slovakia 2-0, and Brazil beating the Ivory Coast 3-1 on two goals by Luis Fabianoa.

World Cup

Group G: Their Style May Be Different, But Brazil is Still Looking Good


 When the World Cup groups were announced back in December, it was Group G that got everyone's attention.

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