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Italian Cyclist Vicenzo Nibali Was Denied a Kiss in Brutal Fashion

Gretzky is denied. Choked on the open net.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Keeps Pooping On Soccer in Hilarious Fashion

I'm starting to think he doesn't like soccer.

HOLY SHIT! Luis Suarez Just Bit ANOTHER Guy


Italy Down to 10 Men After Marchisio Got Sent Off For This Brutal Challenge

Ugly stuff.

Bryan Ruiz Scored a Gorgeous Header and Costa Rica Continues to Shock the World

A stunner.

Insane Man Jumps Off Mountain, Lands Safely in Lake

One day, Raphael Dumont lost his mind. Because one day he said "Fuck it. I'm gonna jump off a mountain without a parachute. And I'mma

This is One of the Finer Chick Fights of All Time

This fight has everything.

Mario Balotelli Scores a Fantastic Goal That Won’t Affect Your Bracket

Unbeknownst to me, there were other sporting events going on yesterday that weren’t part of March Madness.

To Do List: Drunkenly Pass Out on an Airport Luggage Belt, Just Like This Guy

Friday morning, and we already have a few posts on drunken escapades. Wonder where our mind's at? 

Spain Destroys Italy, 4-0, Wins Euro 2012

Throughout Euro 2012, defending champion Spain was criticized for playing a boring brand of football.

Euro 2012: Five Questions About Spain vs. Italy

After watching Germany lose to Italy in Thursday’s second semifinal, the first thing that came to my mind was “two years.” That’s how long German

Mario Balotelli Scored Two Fantastic Goals as Italy Advanced to the Euro Finals

Mario Balotelli scored two goals as Italy advanced to the Euro 2012 finals with a 2-1 victory over Germany.

Italy and England Went to Penalty Kicks, Then This Happened

Italy advanced to the semifinals for Euro 2012, adding yet another penalty-kick heartbreak to England’s dossier. After falling behind early, the Italians were buoyed by

Here’s Mario Balotelli’s Spectacular Volley Goal for Italy

Mario Balotelli made took time out for making headlines with his off-pitch endeavors to score this slick goal in Italy’s 2-0 win over Ireland.

Mario Mandzukic’s Nifty Goal Helped Croatia Tie Italy, 1-1

Croatia got a goal from Mario Mandzukic in the 72nd minute to secure a tie with Italy in Group C action at Euro 2012. It

Italian Doctor Caught Sucking a Patient’s Breasts and Using Other ‘Unorthodox’ Healing Methods

I tell you what, I'm not going to be quick to judge or chide this healer -- nay, God's worker bee -- for his methods.

Fiorentina Manager Delio Rossi Beat Up His Own Player on the Sidelines

You don’t mess with the coach, especially if you’re a soccer player in Italy. Fiorentina’s Adem Ljajic learned that the hard way. When

The Official Drinking Game of the ‘Jersey Shore’ Italy Season

The "Jersey Shore" is back tonight and this time the band of medling meatballs are in their motherland, Italy. Well, it's the motherland for like