Bros Wakeboard Behind A Plane, Because Apparently Wakeboarding Behind A Ferrari Isn’t Hardcore Enough


Recently we brought you a video of some bros wakeboarding behind a rare Ferrari F50, but because we live in a world where extreme sports exists only for the athletes to one up each other, today we see some Italian bros wakeboarding behind a frickin' plane.


Some Nincompoop Accidentally Set Off An Entire Fireworks Display At Once, The Result Looks Like World War 3


The pyrotechnicians behind a fireworks display have a very calculated set of steps, you are to light X firework at Y time, and so on and so forth.


Is this the best flying knee of the World Cup?


We can argue best goal, we can argue best save, we can argue prettiest hairdo (thanks Ronaldo) but this is undoubtedly the best flying knee to someone's head during World Cup 2014.

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