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Iron Dome Condoms Want to Help Save Jews By… Stopping Them From Propagating?

Counterintuitive, maybe?

Rogue Rooster Creates a Real Scene at Israeli Soccer Match

Rooster on the pitch! Rooster on the pitch! If for some unknown reason you weren’t able to catch the Bnei […]

The Semi-Nude Israeli Soldiers Are Back, Now Using Rifle as Stripper Pole

Two weeks ago, the Internet was shocked—SHOCKED—to find that bored, 20-year-old female Israeli soldiers sometimes acted like many pervs always imagined they would. Well, they're

Israeli Soldiers Post Semi-Nude Photos on Facebook, and You May Now Want to Join Israel’s Army

Oh... Oh, wow.

Israeli Cop Brings Down Pitch Invader With Perfect Slide Tackle

Something like this would never happen in American sports. An asshat on the field would be corralled with nothing but upper-body force. In soccer-loving countries,

Just Congressmen Being Bros: GOP Lawmakers Caught in Late-Night Drinking and Skinny-Dipping Scandal

So you're a freshman Republican congressman who's been sent by your party on a fact-finding trip to Israel. You and 60 other lawmakers, aides, wives