The Iron Dome

Turn your volume down and watch 15 rockets intercepted at once by the Iron Dome


The Iron Dome is an all-weather air defense system in Israel designed to intercept incoming missiles, here we see it in action (loudly) as it intercepts and detonates 15 missiles at once.


The Semi-Nude Israeli Soldiers Are Back, Now Using Rifle as Stripper Pole


Two weeks ago, the Internet was shocked—SHOCKED—to find that bored, 20-year-old female Israeli soldiers sometimes acted like many pervs always imagined they would.


Israeli Cop Brings Down Pitch Invader With Perfect Slide Tackle


Something like this would never happen in American sports.

skinny dipping scandal

Just Congressmen Being Bros: GOP Lawmakers Caught in Late-Night Drinking and Skinny-Dipping Scandal


So you're a freshman Republican congressman who's been sent by your party on a fact-finding trip to Israel.


Israeli scientists create new marijuana that won’t get you high


You know how all your friends are like, "I love that great marijuana taste but hate how it always gets me all high on drugs".


Have You Gone on a Birthright Trip to Israel (Purely for the Sex)?


We hear that a growing trend among Jewish Bros in the Brommunity among those who were unable to lock down a job or internship this summer is that they're instead opting to take a Birthright trip to Israel — and mostly to meet girls.

todays headlines

An Important Potential Deal in the Middle East, Plus What Happens When Your Long-Lost Father is Char


Editor's Note: We've decided to start up a new daily column in which we tell you about a handful of legit news stories breaking around the world each day.

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