premature detonation

ISIS Suicide Bomber’s Car Hits IED, Soars 100-Feet In The Air, Then Erupts In Fiery Explosion


This unbelievable video captured the exact moment when a car being driven by an ISIS suicide bomber hits an IED, is blasted into the sky and explodes when it is in the air.


If You Hate Dudes Wearing Skinny Jeans Then Congratulations, You Have Something In Common With ISIS


If you hate dudes wearing skinny jeans, you can feel good about yourself because you have a like-minded ally in ISIS.

snl isis skit

Everyone Is Really, Really ‘Offended’ By This SNL ISIS Skit And They’re All Wrong

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This Saturday Night Live sketch about ISIS has ignited a hailstorm of controversy and it's all so very, very stupid.


Fox News Vs. ISIS—Now With 1000000% More ‘MURICA


Leading the charge against ISIS is Rupert Murdoch's very own cable news network FOX, and what we see here is purportedly an video used at FOX News for internal training purposes.


The Best Excuse For Having Sex With A Pit Bull That I’ve Heard Today Is From The Guy Who Said ISIS Told Him To Do It


I'll admit that I'm not expert on ISIS, but I have a slight, slight feeling that they have more "important" things to do than tell some naked dude in Connecticut to go bang his neighbor's dog.


Dutch Biker Gang, No Surrender, Has Been Given The Dutch Government’s Blessing To Fight ISIS — This Is Not Satire


This is as wild of an idea as the time the United States sent a motley crew of deep-core drillers to outer space to save the world from a massive astroid.

what is isis

What Exactly Is ISIS? 10 Things You Need To Know


We hear every day about ISIS, but what do many of us really know about it.

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