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President Obama Awesomely Announces That the US Army Is Building a Real-Life ‘Iron Man’

  Levity is President Obama decided to announce a top secret, highly classified US Army project to build what is […]

The US Military Is Apparently Making Real-Life ‘Iron Man’ Suits

WAR MACHINE! Or, in this case, Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, will be ready for human testing in June, according to […]

‘Iron Man 3’ Made a TON of Money This Weekend, Even Without These Awesome Credits

It's official: Iron Man 3 has tallied the second-biggest opening weekend of all time. No. 1? Last year's The Avengers, which also happens to feature Iron

6 Reasons Iron Man Is The Coolest Avenger

The Iron Man franchise is about to make a SHIT TON of money from its third installment this weekend, and rightfully so. Iron Man is

How Much Is Tony Stark’s Fictitious House from ‘Iron Man’ Worth?

Ever wonder about where a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist calls home? And how much it'd be worth in real U.S. dollars? Truth: Tony Stark's house

‘Iron Man 2’ Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Honest Trailers' shtick is that they rip to shreds movies that don't typically get ripped to shreds—think Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Skyfall. They tear apart,

Why Iron Man Rules, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

We all know who the bravest of the superheroes is now. Image via. 

‘The Avengers’ Full Length Trailer Has Arrived

Nothing against Mark Ruffalo, but couldn't they have found a better Hulk? Is Eric Bana's career so busy that he couldn't do it?