US Military

US Military hiring Hollywood companies to help build real-life Iron Man suits


  Forget Halliburton, the US Military is now turning to Stark Industries for military weapons.

top comic book movies

50 best comic book movies of all time


With the summer of 2014 seemingly overloaded with comic book-based films now seems like the perfect time to take a look back at the best comic book movies we've seen thus far.

US Military

President Obama Awesomely Announces That the US Army Is Building a Real-Life ‘Iron Man’


  Levity is President Obama decided to announce a top secret, highly classified US Army project to build what is basically Iron Man.

X Men:First Class

Did Screen Junkies steal HitFix’s ‘superheros introducing themselves’ supercut?


Screen Junkies posted a supercut of superheros introducing themselves that's eerily similar to one HitFix posted last week.

the mandarin origin

Ben Kingsley becomes The Mandarin in ‘Iron Man 3′ deleted scene


Marvel's Iron Man 3 hits Blu-ray September 24th, and they're slowly releasing deleted scenes to entice you to buy it.

Robert Downey Jr disappoints kid

Kid breaks down into tears after seeing real life Iron Man without his suit


The shock of seeing Tony Stark sans the Iron Man suit caused one boy to break down into tears.


‘Iron Man 3’ Made a TON of Money This Weekend, Even Without These Awesome Credits


It's official: Iron Man 3 has tallied the second-biggest opening weekend of all time.

Weekend Guyism Speed Round

The Weekend Guyism Speed Round


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan answers all your pressing viewer email questions, like what her favorite TGIF shows were and if she'd rather be impregnated by Iron Man or Batman.

Robert Downey Jr

6 Reasons Iron Man Is The Coolest Avenger


The Iron Man franchise is about to make a SHIT TON of money from its third installment this weekend, and rightfully so.

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