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5 Funny iPhone Pranks You Can Pull on Your Friends

Big fan of the old "send a GIF of three dots" prank, which is an endlessly amusing way of pissing your friends off with faux-suspense.

There’s a Crazy iPhone Scam Going on at Apple Stores That’s Designed to Ruin People’s Lives

I feel like this should be common sense, but if anyone ever offers you $200 to go buy a new iPhone at the Apple Store...

8 iPhone Lifehacks You Need To Know

There are iPhone lifehacks of all shapes and sizes out there, but not all iPhone lifehacks are made equal.

Half of All Americans Admit to Sexting

Which means that… what… almost a hundred percent of us are doing it? Because I’m sure a lot of people […]

Selfie-Taking Man Found, and Never Returned, Woman’s iPhone, So She Recreated All 250 Of His Selfies

I've taken one, maybe two, selfies in the last year. Both were to show friends who I rarely see that my No Shave November beard was

Bro Uses 2,000 iPhones as Dominos to Spell Out ‘Happy Holidays’

OK, setting up 2,000 iPhone 5s and using them for a giant holiday dominos display is pretty awesome. BUT: Who has 2,000 unopened iPhones? Where

Apple’s New Holiday Commerical Might Give You a Feeling or Two

Hate on the commercialization of Christmas all you want. Sometimes brands get it right. 

This iPhone Texting Prank Is Great and Will Drive Your Friends Freakin’ Nuts

The Bros at Gizmodo discovered an excellent prank that will cause your friends with iPhones to bug the f- out. You know those blinking dots

25 Reasons You Shouldn’t Care About iOS 7

iTunes radio is nothing but a Pandora clone…and Spotify is still significantly better.

Why New Phones Are Like New Girlfriends

The thrill of wrapping your grubby paws around a new iPhone is similar to the thrill of wrapping your sweaty arms around a new girlfriend.

The iPhone 5S Is Coming: 5 Likely Features You Need to Know

The iPhone 5S, Apple's rumored follow up to the iPhone 5, may be released as soon as July 2013, according to recent reports. Here's a

Brilliant Somersby Cider Commercial Mocks the Apple Store

Hahahahaha. Oh the Apple store, you're such an easy target. The only thing this video is lacking is an acne-faced 20-year-old in a "genius" t-shirt

Are You Addicted to Your Phone? The Huffington Post Offers 6 Signs

The answer, for all of you, is yes. 

10 Apps To Help Get You Laid

“Getting lucky” should no longer be an expression because it’s not a matter of luck at all. In today’s society it’s about how you leverage

10 iPhone Apps for the Socially Awkward

Are you a clueless, socially-awkward dolt? No worries.... There's an app for that! 

Guy Tracks Down Dude Who Stole His iPhone and Fights Him on Video

Dude is a Bro legend for tracking down the scumbag who stole his iPhone. Bravo! Screw that guy.

5 Apps That Someone Needs to Make NOW

Whether you’re the industrious type or simply the recipient of a bong rip-induced creative spark, everyone has had an idea for great smartphone app (I

Mom of the Year Made 13 Year-Old Son Sign Extensive 18 Point Contract to Get a New iPhone

Some will think this is way too much. Some will think this is revolutionary. In reality, it's likely somewhere in between, erring more towards responsible.

25 Chicks Photographing Their iPhones While Also Being Barely Clothed is Your Weekend’s Top Talent

I'm starting to think they aren't trying to photograph their iPhone at all. FOR SHAME, ladies! Enjoy the talent and what's left of your weekend,

A Banned iPhone 5 Promo

Who doesn't like making a mockery of the latest Apple gadget? That's exactly what the guys at the Gentlemen's Rant did. 

Drunk Bro Falls Asleep In Broad Daylight and In the Most Uncomfortable Position Possible

Sunday Funday got the best of this NYC Bro. Looks like he gave it everything he had, but yesterday, his best wasn't good enough. These

Honest iPhone Reviewer Has Sex with an iPhone 5

Courtesy of Jest.com, Mike here got his hands on an iPhone 5. Just as any overzealous Apple fanboy would do, he reviewed the hottest phone

Here’s a Leaked Video of the New iPhone 5 Booting Up, Plus Some Pictures

Are you an Apple fan boy creaming your britches over the soon-to-be-announced/released iPhone 5? Good news for you! 10 days away from Apple's big announce

Here’s the Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Video

The iPhone 5 only does one thing, but it does it really, really well.

Racist Siri Is Racist (Video)

We've already established just how obnoxious Apple's Siri commercials are, right? Right. Ever wonder what Siri would be like if she was a biggoted, politically

We Aggressively Oppose the New ‘Bromance’ App for the iPhone and Android

No. This is not all right. Despite claiming to be an app for straight men, this Bromance app (which apparently launched yesterday) is a "men