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iPhone Game Developer Quits Job By Hiding The Greatest Letter Of Resignation Ever Inside His Game


Sometimes just quitting your job isn't enough, sometimes you have to make a lasting statement on the way out.


5 iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed


iPhones and other smartphones alike are no longer used for the sole purpose of a cell phone; I don’t even keep the Phone app on my dock.

iphone 6 catches fire

Man Claims His iPhone 6 Bent So Much In His Pocket It Actually Caught Fire (Video)


We've heard of the iPhone 6 having a bending problem, but catching fire.


Is This The Greatest Slow-Mo Video Of Someone Getting Hit In The Head Ever?


When the new iPhone 6 line was released there was so much iPhone hatred you could barely find a single person saying anything good about it.


How To Fix A Bent iPhone 6 Like A Boss


I don't know how weeks later we're still talking about #bendgate, but here we are.

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8 New iPhone Tricks For iOS8


How stoked are you now that you can see what's actually draining your batter, iPhone users.


This Might Be The Funniest (And Simplest) iPhone Prank You’ll Ever See


Watch as that iPhone that people own ends up owning them thanks to the simplest of things: a little thing known as the notification ringtone.


Dear Apple Fans, If You Think The iPhone 6 Camera Is A Game Changer You’re Living A Lie

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One thing you've heard from anyone with a new iPhone 6 is just how incredible the camera is on the new phone, and how much better it is.

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