The Gold iPhone Case With Vladimir Putin’s Face That You Never Knew You Needed is Here


Your long wait of zero days, zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds is finally OVER.


How to Live Without Your iPhone


I’ve spent the last 24 hours without my iPhone.

iPhone 5

iOS 7 Is Destroying College’s WiFi


iOS 7 came to campuses like a total fuckin' buzzkill ALE agent this weekend, crashing multiple college WiFi networks and even prompting several university IT departments to beg students not to download the software update.


The iPhone 5S Is Coming: 5 Likely Features You Need to Know


The iPhone 5S, Apple's rumored follow up to the iPhone 5, may be released as soon as July 2013, according to recent reports.

iphone video app

Cycloramic: App shoots 360 videos by making your phone dance


We cover a lot of apps on here, but Cycloramic is the most creative and cleverly designed one we've seen in a while.


Apple Maps does not suck in one respect… and it’s a big one


By now, you've probably heard Apple Maps is a worse experience than being a Redskins fan, and, as I was born in D.


Fake Apple Employee Pranks iPhone 5 Fanatics By Botching Delivery


If you camp out for days to get the newest technology, you deserve to get pranked, trolled, whatever.

samsung galaxy s

The Samsung Galaxy S III Makes Fun of the iPhone


It's a consumer technology beef war, bitches.

News bloopers

CNN confuses Apple for Nokia in a substantial news fail


When it comes to mobile phone technology, mistaking Apple for Nokia is a pretty big faux pas.

the gentlemen's rant

A Banned iPhone 5 Promo


Who doesn't like making a mockery of the latest Apple gadget.


What if the iPhone 5 promos were honest?


If Apple were a little more honest about the iPhone 5 (out this Friday.

what to buy

Should you switch to the iPhone 5? Ehhhhh… maybe?


The iPhone 5 is coming out Friday, and a lot of people are wondering if they should switch.

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