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Apparently Strapping an iPad to a Tortoise Counts as Art These Days

Avant-garde animals.

BBC Reporter Holds Ream of Paper During Report After Mistaking It for His iPad

It must have been a rough night or a rough morning – perhaps both – for BBC News reporter Simon McCoy. He was to deliver

Genius Wal-Mart Employees Film Themselves Throwing iPads, or, How to Become Unemployed in 48 Seconds

Everyone repeat after me: When you film yourself doing something remarkably stupid and put it on the Internet, people will see it and there will

Conan Spoofs the iPad Mini with a Commercial for the ‘iPad Mini Mega’ and the ‘iPad Mini Mega Micro’

The consensus is out: iPad Mini might be the most pointless Apple product to date. What's the point of a device that does the exact

Jimmy Kimmel Lets People Play with an iPad Mini, Except It’s Just an iPod

These pranks continue to be a gift that keeps on giving. Could there possibly be a more useless product than the iPad Mini? Though comparisons

Watch moe. Perform ‘Crab Eyes’ Using Only iPads

If you're into jambands and you grew up in the Northeast, you're probably quite familiar with the band moe. Maybe you've even had

This $8 Million iPad Has a 24-CT Gold Panel, 53 Diamonds, and a Frame Made from T-Rex Thigh Bone

In other words, not only is it the most extravagantly absurd iPad humanly conceivable, to quote Dave Chapplle, "It's the most baller shit ever!!!"