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Neighborhood Sex Offender in Iowa Found Under Child’s Bed

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Iowa Senate Candidate Bob Quast’s Commercial Will Blow Your Balls Off

Glock the vote.

10 Teams That Could Blow Up Your NCAA Tournament Bracket

Watch out!

Tennessee’s Josh Richardson Threw Down a Monster Slam Dunk

Bring the thunder.

Iowa’s Zach McCabe Throws Travis Trice to the Ground, Earns World’s Most Obvious Technical

Typical basketball play.

The University of Iowa Has the World’s Most Intense Cheerleader Ever

Love this University of Iowa cheerleader's enthusiasm. On the first bucket of the night against Michigan State, this male Hawkeye cheerleader lost his shit, freaking out

Military Bro Carves Tree Trunk Into a Gigantic Penis, Then Snow Fell and He Gave It a Body

Evidently, when you are in the military you come across a lot of dick drawings -- or at least that was the case for this

Iowa Coach Fran McCaffery Went Apeshit on the Referees

Iowa was leading unbeaten Wisconsin midway through the second half last night. Then coach Fran McCaffery self-destructed. Like, really self-destructed. We're talking full-on meltdown.

Iowa Player Pulls the Derpiest Play of the Day By Dropping the Ball Before Entering the Endzone

The derp was strong with Iowa defensive back John Lowdermilk, who pulled an epic fail on a touchdown return after picking off a pass in the Outback Bowl. Whoops. 

University of Iowa TA Accidentally Emails Salacious Naked Pictures to Students

In what would seem like a plot twist in a college sex comedy, a University of Iowa T.A. emailed 80+ students a file attachment late

University of Iowa’s President Had Some Not-So-Nice Things to Say About @Vodka_Samm

The University of Iowa isn't going to forget the Vodka Samm incident any time soon, especially not after her sloppy drunk mugshot made it's way

Girl Blows .341 After Trying to Jump on the Field During Iowa Game, Tweets #YOLO About It

Good Lord this girl is lucky to be alive. Samantha Goudie goes by @vodka_samm on Twitter. That name seems to make sense when you hear about

Jim Carrey Takes Awesome Picture Aboard Iowa High School Baseball Team’s Bus

Jim Carrey is hanging out in Iowa because he knows it’s more than just a flyover state. He was dining at a Fairfield, Iowa, Burger

Michigan State’s Keith Appling Dunked All Over Iowa’s Melsahn Basabe, Causing Gus Johnson to Lose It

Michigan State point guard Keith Appling is not known as a dunker. After last night’s jam, however, that could change.

This is the Woman (Legally) Fired By Her Boss for Being ‘Irresistible’

This woman got the shaft because her boss couldn’t imagine a situation where he wouldn’t end up giving her his shaft.

Iowa Wrestlers Suspended For, You Know, Hunting Rabbits on Campus

That is just an incredibly stupid reason to get bounced from a team. Highly doubt it was worth it.

Dizzy Bat FAIL Results In Girl Getting Hit in the Face

Spotted at an Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate: One crokie-wearing dizzy-batter who loses control of his bat when it comes time to swing. The bat sails through the

Grandma Roots for Iowa, Can Take a Beer Bong Down Like a Champ

Iowa squeaked by Northern Illinois, 18-17, on Saturday at Chicago’s Soldier Field. There’s no way to prove it, but this beer-bonging grandma could have been

Iowa Student Tries to Get Into Bar Using Bouncer’s ID, Fails

Trying to sneak into a bar with a fake ID is a rite of passage. Anyone who tells you it can’t have severe consequences if

‘Plus-Sized’ College Student Claims Discrimination After Bar Tells Her to Be Fat Somewhere Else

Here's a story of two people standing up for what they believe in. Only difference is they have opposing beliefs on whether or not fat

Fight at Panchero’s in Iowa City Ends With a Taser

We're guessing that "Don't tase me, Bro!" didn't make it out of his mouth in time. That,  or the Iowa City PD have