bad teacher

The Balls On This Teacher Who Came To Work Drunk On Same Day Police Were There Giving Anti-Alcohol Classes


Most jobs you can get away with being buzzed and not get into much trouble especially if you aren't working with heavy machinery or driving.


Iowa’s Damond Powell Sick One-Handed Catch VS Pitt


Iowa Hawkeyes wide reciever Damond Powell made a sick one-handed grab by for 62 yards vs Pitt on Saturday.

Zach McCabe

Iowa basketball team shows off their wrestling moves


The University of Iowa has a rich wrestling tradition---23 national championships since 1975.

military bro

Military Bro Carves Tree Trunk Into a Gigantic Penis, Then Snow Fell and He Gave It a Body


Evidently, when you are in the military you come across a lot of dick drawings -- or at least that was the case for this former military Bro who is living in Iowa.

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