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7 Things You Need to Know About How the Fraternity-to-Finance Industry Pipeline Works on Wall Street

Bloomberg published a very interesting article today about the Good Old Boys Club on Wall Street and how fraternity culture ties into I-Banking hiring practices.

9 Sweet Ways to Totally #Crush That I-Banking Internship

For reasons known to most everyone, Investment Banking and related professions have become the de-facto thing to do if you’re smart, driven, and generally well-adjusted

These ‘20 Money Saving Tips for Bankers and Their Wives’ are HILARIOUS

Gotta foreclose that seventh home. SMH. 

CEO of Lehman Brothers Declares ‘The Bros Always Win’ Before Investment Bank Goes Bankrupt

We're all about talking a big game every now and then, but this is just embarrassing.

How ‘The Matrix’ is Like Your First Two Years in Investment Banking

Matrix Investment Banker Analyst Training PowerPoint

Every week I hear all my friends toiling away at big bank jobs for 100 hours a