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Bros Build Snowboard that Doubles as a Beer Bong, Bring It to Oktoberfest

The end of that headline should read: ", Make Love to Tons of German Women." But I figured that kind of shit goes without saying

WHOA! The Inventor of Viagra Has Created ‘Tempe,’ a Spray That Combats Premature Ejaculation

Tempe, the wonder spray for men the world over, is said to have made its test subjects last up to five times longer in bed.

Amazing Robot Gymnast Lands Quadruple Backflip

This video raises an important question. Would you watch a robot-only Olympics or would you WATCH EVERY SECOND of a robot-only Olympics? Might be a

25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Dammit! Why can't we accidentally invent something totally necessary that results in a loaded bank account? WHY!?!

If You See Someone Using an Ostrich Pillow Take It As An Open Invitation to Punch Them in the Face

Interesting concept, no doubt, but HOLY FACE SWEAT! The first line on their Kickstarter page says "OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take

The Future Is Now: Check Out This Crazy Robot Bartender

Hey bartenders: Here's a machine that's going to put your profession out of business. Best of all, thirsty imbibers don't have to tip it. Meet

Have a Genius Idea for the Next Big Bro Invention?

It's been a good few years for Bro inventions: There's the backpack-vacum for scaling brick walls, the Tandem-Duct Aerial Transporter, pizza vending machines, guitar-playing urinals, and a

Skippy the Stone-Throwing Robot Will Make You Fear the Inevitable Rise of the Machines

Another day, another robot completing a uniquely-human task: Skipping stones on a quite, pastoral pond. Skippy of Sun Valley, Idaho is an ace at it.

Brace Yourselves: Pizza Vending Machines are Coming

This is either the world's worst idea of all-time, or the greatest invention in human history. Get ready for Let's Pizza, a pizza vending machine that

College Student Creates a Kick-Ass Backpack for Scaling Brick Walls

IMF Agent Ethan Hunt doesn't have sh*t on the Utah State University "Ascending Aggies" engineering team. The Air Force recently went to these guys and

‘Guitar Pee’ Urinal Lets You Play Guitar Solos While Taking a Leak

Move over, Ultimate Big Punch. The world has finally been blessed with a new bar novelty high in "gee whiz!" kitsch. A Brazilian company called

Would the SleepBox be the Greatest Innovation in Dorm Room History?

College students across the country who are moving back into their dorms are currently divided into two groups; those who love their living

This Guy Figured Out How to Make a Grappling Hook Launcher With A Fire Extinguisher

MIT student Christian Reed got bored this summer and spent his time doing something constructive: Building a homemade grappling hook launcher with a

Watch These Canadian Bros ‘Couch Surf’ By Pulling an Armchair with a Boat

Old couch? Check. Boat? Check. Beer? Check. The gentlemen of BroShenanigans productions in British Columbia managed to engineer a sofa into a recreational

Guy Invents Shaving Helmet to Get You Bald in 20 Seconds

Flow challenged or just like the feel and look of an MJ-esque bald head? Check out the Shaving Helmet, a new invention that in 20

Missouri Man Invents Knokkers, Live-Sized Bowling-Meets-Pool Game

Bocce ball has rather inexplicably become all the rage in (mostly hipster) bars that have enough room for a really huge sand pit. How long

British Scientist Invents the Levytator, an Escalator That Can Follow Curves

Oh look, it's a Levytator, the world's first escalator capable of following freeform curves. How f*cking cool is that? According to its creator, Jack Levy,