things invented a long time ago

8 amazing inventions that were WAY ahead of their time


Most of us dream of a future with amazing inventions and cool technology that will make all of our lives easier, but maybe we should actually be looking to the past.


Bros Build Snowboard that Doubles as a Beer Bong, Bring It to Oktoberfest


The end of that headline should read: ", Make Love to Tons of German Women.


WHOA! The Inventor of Viagra Has Created ‘Tempe,’ a Spray That Combats Premature Ejaculation

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Tempe, the wonder spray for men the world over, is said to have made its test subjects last up to five times longer in bed.


Amazing Robot Gymnast Lands Quadruple Backflip


This video raises an important question.

unknown inventions

14 secretly suppressed inventions


Unfortunately, many great inventions are being held in secrecy for one reason or another.

weird inventions

18 innovative inventions you will never see


You won't believe how many inventions there are out there that would be really great to have, but for one reason or another will never see the light of day.


The Future Is Now: Check Out This Crazy Robot Bartender


Hey bartenders: Here's a machine that's going to put your profession out of business.


Have a Genius Idea for the Next Big Bro Invention?


It's been a good few years for Bro inventions: There's the backpack-vacum for scaling brick walls, the Tandem-Duct Aerial Transporter, pizza vending machines, guitar-playing urinals, and a dorm room robot that throws cold beers.

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