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Meet Michelle Enkiri, The 5’4″140lb UMD Sorority Girl Who Can Deadlift Over 300lbs, AKA Twice As Much As You

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A few weeks ago one of our editors here at BroBible, Chris Illuminati, brought you the story of “The 5’4”, 140lb Teenage Girl Who Can Deadlift More Than You.

manny pacquiao interview

Manny Pacquiao Has The Most Painfully Awkward Interview Ever And We Can’t Look Away


Remember that time when you were sitting in class and forgot it was presentation day.


BroBible Talks With Matthew Koma about Clarity, Bruce Springsteen and Acoustic Covers


Just last week, we brought you an acoustic cover of Clarity by Zedd from one of the song's writers Matthew Koma.

mike stud

Former Duke Basball Player Mike Stud Speaks on Waiting To Get Drafted, Frat Rap, Groupies & Wall St.


From the baseball field to the stratosphere of frat rap, Mike Stud is living the good life.


Sitting Down With Former MMA FIghter, ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Star and Super Babe, Gina Carano


Last Fall, the folks at Universal Studios sent BroBible out to London to visit the set of the 6th film in the Fast and Furious franchise, "Fast & Furious 6.


Guyism interviews Adam Newman: The accidental cocaine comedian


Comedians are no strangers to crowd work, but Adam Newman got more than he bargained for when he borrowed a heckler's jacket.

Women's Soccer

Hope Solo’s ESPN E:60 Interview…. Including Must-See Clips from the Body Issue


In case you missed Hope Solo's occasionally-tense ESPN E:60 interview with Jeremy Schaap, here it is.


Adam Carolla might never get laid again


Then again, if you're the kind of lady who would sex Adam Carolla this probably won't bother you.

X Men

Glenn Danzig wouldn’t have been a gay Wolverine


The former Misfits frontman and kitty litter lover speaks out on X-Men and more.


James Cameron making nothing but ‘Avatar’s from now on


Some sort of disconcerting news came from the money-making director: it's blue people all the way down from here on out.


In Which the American Mustache Institute Interviews Aaron Rodgers


Unless you harbor some deep-seeded abhorrence for Aaron Rodgers, or mustaches, this is a fine way to waste the next 7 minutes of your life.

r.e.d. album

CBS Interviews Game, Hilarity Ensues


In a flagrant attempt to hype the release of his latest project The R.

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