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This Kid From SUNY OSWEGO Really Wants To Be Jimmy Fallon’s Intern, So He Made A Song About It

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If there's a video that needs to go viral today, it's this one from Sam Berman, a loyal BroBible reader since his high school days.


You’ll Never Guess Which Tech Company Pays Its Interns The Highest Salary, And NO It’s Not Google


There are some days that I wish I had majored in something like computer science just for the money.


This Is All the Swag Google, Microsoft and Intel Summer Interns Got this Year


They pay you for a summer and you become a walking billboard for life.


Here’s Where to Intern to Get Paid Like a Full-Time Employee


There still are more than a few internships that will pay you.

washington d.c.

You’ve Got to Admire This Capitol Hill Intern’s Enthusiasm


An intern from South Carolina really, really likes America, you guys.

post sad

15 Biggest Myths About Having a Job


Putting aside the crippling debt and the broken liver and the permanent aversion to whiteboards given to you by college, four-year universities—and high schools, as well—do a really bad job of providing any sort of expectation about what to expect from the working world.


More Unpaid Intern Lawsuits Are Coming


Two days after a judge ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures violated labor laws by using unpaid interns during the filming of Black Swan, two former Conde Nast interns sued their former employer for also using unpaid labor.


Good News, Bros with Internships: The Days of Unpaid Work Might Soon Be Over


The unpaid internship is an inherently unfair system.

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