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This Kid From SUNY OSWEGO Really Wants To Be Jimmy Fallon’s Intern, So He Made A Song About It

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If there's a video that needs to go viral today, it's this one from Sam Berman, a loyal BroBible reader since his high school days.


Here’s Where to Intern to Get Paid Like a Full-Time Employee


There still are more than a few internships that will pay you.


Find out at which companies you can make over $80,000 as an INTERN


While you're working your ass off by putting in 70-hour work weeks and getting crapped on by your boss at the same cruddy job you've had for the last eight years without a promotion, there are kids straight out of college making some real coin.


College Kids: Wanna Intern for LeBron James?


Internship season is nearly upon us.


The Weather Channel Is Currently Torturing Its Interns: Here’s How You Join In


The life of the intern is not a fun life: You're the bitch of the company, incapable of saying "No" to coffee runs and the rantings of sociopathic bosses.


BroBible’s Still Looking for Fall/Winter Interns


BroBible is currently seeking unpaid interns for the Fall/Winter semester.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

The 20 Hottest Photos of Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Elite Swiss Model and JPMorgan’s Summer Intern


Although we're only about a month or so into summer, JPMorgan's intern class of 2011 has captured quite a few headlines over the past few weeks.

nyc interns

JP Morgan Summer Intern Sends E-Mail Blast About Where to Booze in NYC with a Fake


Mistakes happen, but this probably wasn't very smart, nor a way to fast-track your job prospects in finance.

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