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This Kid From SUNY OSWEGO Really Wants To Be Jimmy Fallon’s Intern, So He Made A Song About It

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If there's a video that needs to go viral today, it's this one from Sam Berman, a loyal BroBible reader since his high school days.


Here’s Where to Intern to Get Paid Like a Full-Time Employee


There still are more than a few internships that will pay you.


Find out at which companies you can make over $80,000 as an INTERN


While you're working your ass off by putting in 70-hour work weeks and getting crapped on by your boss at the same cruddy job you've had for the last eight years without a promotion, there are kids straight out of college making some real coin.


College Kids: Wanna Intern for LeBron James?


Internship season is nearly upon us.


The Weather Channel Is Currently Torturing Its Interns: Here’s How You Join In


The life of the intern is not a fun life: You're the bitch of the company, incapable of saying "No" to coffee runs and the rantings of sociopathic bosses.


BroBible’s Still Looking for Fall/Winter Interns


BroBible is currently seeking unpaid interns for the Fall/Winter semester.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

The 20 Hottest Photos of Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Elite Swiss Model and JPMorgan’s Summer Intern


Although we're only about a month or so into summer, JPMorgan's intern class of 2011 has captured quite a few headlines over the past few weeks.

nyc interns

JP Morgan Summer Intern Sends E-Mail Blast About Where to Booze in NYC with a Fake


Mistakes happen, but this probably wasn't very smart, nor a way to fast-track your job prospects in finance.


BroBible Seeks NYC-Based Fall Semester Interns!


BroBible is currently seeking unpaid interns for the Fall 2010 Semester.


BroBible is Looking for Summer Interns!


BroBible is currently looking for interns to join our team for a busy few months this summer.


BroBible Wants You to Write and/or Intern For Us!


[inline:sam]BroBible is currently seeking to expand our writer pool with college students who think they can write as well as they can shotgun a beer.

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