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White House Intern Faints In the Middle of a Press Briefing

Ugh. Interns...

The Kardashians Need an Intern


Here’s Where to Intern to Get Paid Like a Full-Time Employee

There still are more than a few internships that will pay you. A lot.

College Kids: Wanna Intern for LeBron James?

Internship season is nearly upon us. I think. I don't know. I'm kind of out of the loop here.

The Weather Channel Is Currently Torturing Its Interns: Here’s How You Join In

The life of the intern is not a fun life: You're the bitch of the company, incapable of saying "No" to coffee runs and the

The 20 Hottest Photos of Xenia Tchoumitcheva, Elite Swiss Model and JPMorgan’s Summer Intern

Although we're only about a month or so into summer, JPMorgan's intern class of 2011 has captured quite a few headlines over the past

JP Morgan Summer Intern Sends E-Mail Blast About Where to Booze in NYC with a Fake

Mistakes happen, but this probably wasn't very smart, nor a way to fast-track your job prospects in finance...

BroBible Seeks NYC-Based Fall Semester Interns!

BroBible is currently seeking unpaid interns for the Fall 2010 Semester. Interns MUST attend college (or live permanently) in New York City and be available