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Pornhub Created the Ultimate Breakdown of How People Consume Smut Online

You search for WHAT?!?!

Watch This ‘How to Have Cybersex’ Video From the 90s, Be Grateful Life Is No Longer this Miserable

I'm trying to process what I just watched.

True Life: I Still Have An AOL Account

I still have an AOL account.

This Is Exactly How Batshit Stupid Everyone Is When It Comes To Interacting With People If Your WiFi Is Down

Seriously, "jogging?" What is this bullshit.

U.S. Map Shows the Least Googled Athletes From Every State

Hard facts.

Why Meeting People On The Internet Isn’t Weird Anymore

Like many other people, I have a group iMessage on my iPhone. There are six of us in the group chat (names changed for obvious

Google Secrets You Need To See

Did you think Google was just a search engine? Hell no. In fact, there's a hack you can use to turn Google into a video game. It's badass...

Selfies at Funerals is Probably the Best Site on the Internet

One day, you and everyone you love will be dead. You can’t escape this fate. Billions have tried and failed. But you can rest easy

FBI Shuts Down Online Drug Marketplace

Bad news for Bros who hoped bitcoin and e-commerce were the way to risk-free drug purchases. The FBI is on to it. 

Jay-Z and Google Chrome: H.O.V.A. When You Hover

Ever been browsing the internet, about to click on a link and thought, 'You know what? I want to throw up the Roc right now.'? 

15 Subreddits That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet

If you don’t "know" Reddit, think of it this way: Google is where people go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things

Teens in California Can Now Scrub Dumb Photos from the Internet

It's a strange, strange time to be a teenager in the United States. Your spiritual leader is Jaden Smith. You spend much of your day

This Pinterest User Is Attributing Hitler Quotes to Taylor Swift, and It’s Brilliant

What do you get when you combine young girls' fanatical devotion to the Queen of Schmaltz—Taylor Swift—with easily misattributed quotes on the Internet? The Pinterest

Guess Which Country Hosts the Most Porn Sites?

I feel like I'm watching the Summer Olympics all over again when I look at this chart. Just the USA, being the goddamn USA, winning

11 Amazing Things We Could Do Before the Internet

There's an entire generation of kids out there that have no idea what it's like to call a friend on the phone and speak to

How Technology Has Ruined Dating

Listing off how technology has ruined dating would result in a scroll longer than the Quran, so I will keep this

You’re Definitely Not Safe Online: FBI, NSA, Revealed to Be Snooping on Facebook, Google, and More

So this is a pretty big bombshell. The Washington Post is reporting that both the NSA and FBI are directly tapping into the servers of

5 Things That Should Get You Banned From the Internet

#6: Using words like "squid" and "hardo."

The 10 Best April Fools Day Pranks on the Internet

April Fools Day: Annoying, occasionally clever, and, increasingly, a chance for websites to attempt to one-up each other in the joke-making department. After being burned

This Funny Video Imagines a World Without the Internet

Serious question: Would life be better off without it?

‘Thumbs and Ammo’ Replaces Famous Gun Scenes with Thumbs-Up, Is Stupidly Funny

This is one of those single-serving blogs that features one idea done perfectly. (So: the Chick-fil-A of blogs.)

If Famous Websites Were People…

We spend way too fucking much time online, so we laughed pretty hard at this video envisioning websites as people at a party. Cracked didn't include

How Is the Internet Revolutionizing Comedy? ‘A Different, Twisted Kind of Thing’ Video Explains

"The antisocial has become social" -- Kobe Bryant. 

Parents Won’t Let You Surf The Web? Feed Them a Drug-Filled Milkshake

Think you have an Internet addiction? Your problem is small potatoes next to this.

Photographing Yourself Getting Attacked by Statues is the New Hotness

By next week this will be old and busted, so jump on the heat train while it's still in town. 

The Very, Very Best of the Oblivious Suburban Mom Meme

Oh Oblivious Suburban Mom. You're so blissfully naive, yet you're such a model mother, always thinking that 16-inch glass bong is really an avande garte

America Ranks Second in ‘Internet Freedom.’ Guess Who’s First?

Given that we secured the ever-elusive cocaine victory earlier this week, I'm pretty ok with this. 

100 Dope Things You Can Buy on the Internet for Under $100

Whether you want to buy a few more shirts or a trip around the world, you can do it on the Internet. Want a 2

This Infographic Shows How Much the Internet Has Changed Over the Decade

Think back on what the Internet was like 10 years ago. There was no Facebook, obviously, or YouTube or Wikipedia—the two forces that simultaneously help

Kids From 1995 Explain Why You Should Get the Internet

Seventeen years ago, the internet was a much simpler place. Kids used it to chat on instant messenger and adults used it to, well, look

Here’s an Artsy Film About How Everyone is Constantly Online

Here’s your challenge for the day: talk to someone face-to-face without looking at an electronic device. Remember when people did that? It was OK.

Apple’s Newest Product, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

SWAT Team Raids Home After Wi-Fi Debacle

This incident sparks a very interesting debate regarding internet security. This family accidentally left their Wi-Fi open, which was then used by teenage kid to

Attention: Your LinkedIn Account Was Just Hacked

It’s that time of year when millions of college students are packing up their sh*tty rooms from their on-campus dens of iniquity and hoping they

Bro Of A Boss Calls Out Fake Doctor’s Note In Tremendous Fashion

Not much to say here, the letter speaks for itself. But with such thorough detail, you gotta wonder if this boss had a previous job

Internet Make Man Dumb, Say Picture With Words

This can't be true. Most of us read more now than ever before. And it's all thanks to the Internet springing out of Al Gore's

Let’s Point and Laugh at All the People B*tching and Complaining About the Wikipedia Blackout

With Wikipedia blacked out today to protest SOPA and PIPA as they enter Congress, clueless high school and college kids are freaking the f*ck out

The Netflix Break-Up Into Streaming and DVD Companies Makes No Sense

If you're a Netflix subscriber who woke up to a disturbing email from some guy named Reed Hastings this morning, you're not alone. The CEO

Guess the Movies That Featured These Really Fake Computer Screens

Remember the Sandra Bullock movie "The Net"? For many, it was the first glimpse on the silver screen of what the Internet looked like outside