See Which States Have The Worst High-Speed Internet Access In The USA (Sucks To Be You Magnolia State)


The US Government Census recently released findings on which states have the best and worst access to high-speed Internet, and if you live in a state in-between Alabama and Louisiana, it might suck to be you.


This Guy’s Girlfriend Only Communicates To Him Through Memes, Goes So Far As To Say ‘Such Sex, Wow’ While In Bed


The Internet is a giant black hole that’s fun to play with, but if you’re not careful it’ll suck you in and turn you into a giant weirdo.


This Video Will Change Your Life FOREVER—Two Angry Irishmen Demystify Click-Bait Journalism

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The Internet has been overrun by click-bait journalism and not everyone his happy about it, especially not these two gentlemen breaking down why it's awful and what to look for when trying to avoid click-bait journalism.


True Life: I Still Have An AOL Account


I still have an AOL account.

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