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Porn Stars Reading Mean Comments About Themselves Prove Their Viewers Are Brutal And Bizarre


Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segments are some of the funniest things on late night.


Watch As These Stone-Faced Feminists Read Mean Tweets From Trolls

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Anonymity on the Internet is a pretty special phenomenon, as it allows anyone to say anything they want without fear of any repercussion.


STUDY: 40% Of Internet Users Have Been Trolled, 65% Of Millennials Have Been Harassed


The Pew Research Center has released their first ever study on trolling, and online harassment, and the results may be shocking to some.

internet trolls

7 Most Common Commenters on the Internet


When it comes to the Internet, reading an article, listening to music, or watching a video is a two-step process.

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The Blog Comment Is Ruining America


A couple weeks ago, a young woman named Taylor Cotter wrote a pretty benign blog post on the Huffington Post entitled “A Struggle of Not Struggling” in which she kind of lamented that she’s been relatively successful since she left college.


‘Dear God, Give Us Back 2pac and We’ll Give You Back Justin Bieber’: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets


Are they reading mean tweets OR are they reading tweets that are a fair mix of funny and true.

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