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Children Write Must-Read Obituary Destroying Their Mother, Place It in Newspaper

Let's get real for a second: There are some moms and dads out there who are not good parents. Or good people. In fact, they

The 10 Best April Fools Day Pranks on the Internet

April Fools Day: Annoying, occasionally clever, and, increasingly, a chance for websites to attempt to one-up each other in the joke-making department. After being burned

‘Thumbs and Ammo’ Replaces Famous Gun Scenes with Thumbs-Up, Is Stupidly Funny

This is one of those single-serving blogs that features one idea done perfectly. (So: the Chick-fil-A of blogs.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Apparently a Full-Time Redditor Now

Last night, some Redditor under the name "GovSchwarzenegger" went on R/fitness and posted a video with the caption "This inspired me, and I bet it