international space station

Ever Wonder How Astronauts Go To The Bathroom On The International Space Station? Here’s How And It Looks Terrifying!


When you think about the astronauts in the International Space Station you think of the awe-inspiring views and the critical experiments they're conducting.


An Astronaut Talks About a UFO Sighting He Had in Space


An astronaut thinks he might have seen a UFO when he was aboard the ISS.


Ever Want to Know How to Puke in Space? Well, Here You Go


So you're out with your bros, just crusing around at an orbital altitude of, like, 270 miles, when all of a sudden that freeze-dried Sailor Jerry shot starts to feel a little queasy in your stomach.

this is our planet

Check Out ‘This Is Our Planet,’ an Amazing Video Shot from Space


According to the Daily What, an 18-year-old Croatian student named Tomislav Safund~i made this illuminating video by taking footage shot from the International Space Station and editing it into one continuous shot of Earth.

time lapse

An Absolutely Sublime, Mild-Melting Time Lapse Video of Earth From International Space Station


This epic time lapse video has been pinging around the Internet all day, and, well, you need to watch it.

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