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Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination

Yesterday, May 2, was the second anniversary of when U.S. Navy SEALs covertly stormed into a compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden.

10 Teeth-Shattering Things You Didn’t Know About Martial Arts

Every day we wake to the sun in our eyes and a desire to see someone's ass kicked with karate in our hearts. Martial arts

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Master Bro, Bill Murray

Bill Murray, much like Hugh Hefner--is on the high council of Bros. From SNL, to Ghostbusters and Zombieland, when you see his name in the

Internet Tells Us Not To Bother Reading Work Emails

An article that appeared on Yahoo!'s Finance blog today found that nearly two-thirds of work e-mails are "non-essential" to business practices: New research has found that

Six Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Hard Knocks’

"Hard Knocks" enters its fourth week tonight, with both Darrelle Revis and Mark Sanchez's throwing accuracy still nowhere to be seen. Over the weekend I