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Is This the Most Ridiculous Interception In NFL History?

Pure jokes, you guys. Pure jokes. Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel tried to go deep to wide receiver Jerome Simpson. Except rather than falling in Simpson's arms,

Arizona Combines for World-Class Interception Against Oregon

Oregon forgot to show up Saturday against Arizona. The Wildcats not only remembered to show up, they flat-out kicked the Ducks’ asses from start to

Another Week, Another Jets Tip Drill Interception

Last Sunday, we saw the Jets with a tip drill interception against the Bengals. 

Jets Get Their Tip Drill On While Intercepting Andy Dalton

The Jets got their tip drill on, giving us this excellent interception GIF. 

There’s Nothing Funny About HaHa Clinton-Dix’s Incredible Interception for Alabama

Alabama wins! Alabama wins!

Here’s How the Indianapolis Colts’ Season Ended

Andrew Luck had a transcendent rookie campaign. This late interception in today’s 24-9 loss to Baltimore won’t make any of the highlight reels celebrating his