instant karma

Motorcyclist Gets Served Heaping Portion Of Instant Karma When Trying To Split Traffic On A Busy Highway


If you're going to ride your motorcycle and not follow traffic laws, eventually you're going to learn firsthand just how awful of an idea that is.


Dumb guy kicks garbage can for no reason, gets instant karma


Kids, let me tell you about the great garbage can war of 2014.

Instant Karma

11 of the greatest ‘bully gets owned’ videos in the history of the Internet


Few things on the Internet are as gratifying as a video in which a bully gets served up a heaping platter of instant karma.

Skater Instant Karma

Skater kid gets an excruciating dose of instant karma to the balls


This young skater bro just wants to ride the rail, but the fun police are putting a stop to it.

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