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This Supercut of Tattoos in Movies Will Stay With You Forever

So much ink.

6 Free Tattoo Ideas for the Kentucky Fan With the Premature NCAA Champions Ink

These can't miss.

Referee Rocking Playboy Bunny Tattoo is My Favorite Referee

Referees don’t get much respect. They’re constantly bitched at and told they suck at their jobs. It takes a guy with thick skin to excel

Rate This Guy’s Giant 49ers Tattoo

A good sports tattoo is a real rarity. This San Francisco 49ers ink, however, is all kinds of awesome.

Miami Dolphins Fan Displays World’s Worst Tattoo As Team Gets Routed

I really hate the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They band together like a bunch of assholes anytime someone threatens to go undefeated and actively root against

Rate Scarlett Johansson’s New ‘Lucky You’ Tattoo

World-famous French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk recently inked Scarlett Johansson with a special horseshoe “lucky you” tattoo on her ribcage. It looks a little off-center,

Why Does This MMA Fighter Have a Cat-Unicorn Tattoo?

Um, wild imagination? A self-confessed "Bronie"? Regardless, we want to hear your theories as to why Swedish mixed martial artist David Haggstrom of Glasgow has

The Ultimate Boston Sports Tattoo

Via Guyism comes the most chowdaaaahy, Daaaaaawnkins' extra-large sippin', fawwwwkin' fawwwwwwwwwwwwwkin' tattoo to grace the planet. The logos from the Red Sox-Celtics-Pats-Bruins, all inked on

This Man Has Tattoos of Every Major League Baseball Mascot

Benjamin Christensen really likes baseball. Don't believe me? Perhaps the fact that he has the mascot of every single Major League Baseball team tattooed on

How Much Molly Was This Guy Rolling On When He Got an ‘I Love House Music’ Leg Tattoo?

Last night, Skrillex played New York's Webster Hall. I didn't hit it up, but there's no way you couldn't avoid the throngs of wompy, MDMAed-out

Rollie Fingers’ Mustache May Now be Riding on Dallas Braden’s Arm

Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden is one of 20 pitchers to ever throw a perfect game. No matter what he does, no one can take

Yes, Someone Has a Tattoo of Tim Tebow As a Centaur

And you thought the Tebow back tattoo was regrettable?! Apparently questionably tortured soul decided that guy needed to be pegged down a few notches. So,

Kevin Durant’s New, Gigantic Maryland Tattoo

Over the weekend Kevin Durant Tweeted about his new ink. It's an homage to his home state of Maryland, complete with an angel holding a