candy crushed

PUSH NOTIFICATION: Man Tears Tendon In Thumb After Playing ‘Candy Crush’ For Weeks


You know that dude who lived on your dorm floor freshman year who was really into Anime and has been sending you nonstop cries for help in the form of Candy Crush invitations even though you've had only two interactions with him.


Cyclist Hits Street Sign, Will Likely Have Quite a Raspberry


For the select few of you who weren’t watching yesterday’s Paris-Roubaix, here’s a terrific spill suffered by Yohann Offredo.

St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Holliday Injured Marco Scutaro With a Devastating Slide to Spice Up the NLCS


The National League Championship Series took a sharp turn in the first inning of last night’s Game 2.


Here’s an Absolutely Horrific Beach Soccer Knee Injury


I’ve never watched beach soccer in my life, and after seeing this unreal injury, I have no regrets.


Paulo Jorge Yanked His Tooth Out Against Real Madrid Today


APOEL Nicosia was defeated 8-2 on aggregate by Real Madrid in Champions League play, but they can take solace in knowing that the toughest player on the pitch was on their side.


Miguel Cabrera Takes Grounder to the Face, Bleeds Profusely


When the Detroit Tigers swooped in and signed free agent first baseman Prince Fielder, a lot of people were wondering who was going to play third base.


Watch an Australian Rules Football Player Get His Knee Snapped Like a Twig


Anyone who's ever suffered a knee injury knows how much it will completely ruins your day.

Tiger Woods

UPDATED: Tiger Woods Withdraws from the Players Championship with Neck Injury


On the seventh hole in the fourth round of The Players Championship with an apparent neck injury.

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