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Miami Marlins Pitcher Dan Jennings Took a Wicked Line Drive to the Head

Tough to watch.

White Sox Outfielder Adam Eaton Ran Face-First Into a Fence at Full Speed, Got Hurt

What's a warning track?

Argentina’s Javier Mascherano Tore His Anus Yesterday and You Watched it Happen

Ouch, babe.

Junior Lake Runs Into Wrigley Field Wall, Realizes There’s No Padding

That's gotta hurt.

Ecuador’s Christian Noboa Suffers Nasty Head Wound, Is Forced to Wear Stylish Lunch Lady Hairnet

Hot new look.

GAH! Nigeria’s Michel Babatunde Appears to Have Arm Broken By Teammate’s Rocket Shot

Not for the squeamish.

Torii Hunter Bravely Fought Through Leg Cramps to Bang His Wife

Give him the MVP.

GAH! Luis Montes Breaking His Leg Is a Video You Don’t Want to Watch

No no no no no.

Overzealous Angels Bro Destroys Old Woman’s Shoulder While Diving for a Foul Ball

Foul balls are life.

Jean Segura Needed a Plastic Surgeon After Ryan Braun Hit Him With a Bat


This is What a Face Looks Like After Being Hit by a 90 MPH Fastball


Minnesota Vikings Guard Josh Samuda Suffered a Nasty Ankle Injury

Good God.

Minor League Hockey Player Suffers Major League Facial Injury After Getting Hit by a Puck

Looking good.

Los Angeles Angels Hitting Coach Don Baylor Broke His Leg Catching a Ceremonial First Pitch

Freak injury.

Watch a Korean Reporter Get Hit by a Baseball in the Name of Journalism

Short but sweet.

This is What Aroldis Chapman’s Head Looks Like Now

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman took a line drive to his head Wednesday during a spring training game. He had […]

Reporter Decides to Sprint on Live Television, Eats Pavement

Very predictable.

LeBron James Dunked, Then Bled All Over the Place from His Face

LeBron James continued his year-long Festivus feats of strength last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Midway through the fourth […]

Rory McIlroy, Cactus Combine Forces to Attack Fan

Rory McIlroy’s errant shot yesterday during the Match Play Championship cost him on the scorecard but cost an unlucky fan […]

Canadian Freestyle Skier Yuki Tsubota Suffered a Gnarly Crash

There have been numerous complaints about the safety of the slopestyle course in Sochi. Yuki Tsubota would probably voice one, […]

World’s Toughest Hockey Player Injures Himself Hugging Teammate

Hugging is dangerous. Let's ban hugging. 

Jarome Iginla’s Finger is Disgusting

Say what you want about fighting in the NHL, but if it went away we'd be robbed of awesome images like this. 

Cincinnati Bengals Punter Kevin Huber Had His Jaw Fractured By This Devastating Hit

Sweet mother of Vishnu. If there's one thing I'd like to avoid in life, it's a fractured jaw. Sounds like a miserable time.

Minor League Hockey Player Suffers Most Grotesque Injury to Face Imaginable

We need you to know that what you’re about to look at can’t be unseen and it’s only for BIG BOYS and BIG GIRLS who

Weightlifter’s Attempt to Bench 550 Takes a Scary Turn

As if you needed another reason to not lift an incredible amount of weight. Watch as a big beefy dude’s attempt to throw up 550

CBS Cameras Capture Buffalo Bills Fan’s Fall From 3rd Deck

Some idiot tried to slide along the ledge of the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium during yesterday’s Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game. Surprisingly, the

Today in Golf: Brandt Snedeker Injured Himself Riding a Segway

Are golfers really athletes? You’re goddamn right, they are.

Ryan Lochte Tore His Knee Ligament In the Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible

Five-time Olympic champion and lifetime buffoon, Ryan Lochte is going to be sidelined from training and competition for a while after suffering a torn MCL

BASE Jumper Suffers Gruesome Injury, Calming Describes Situation ‘127 Hours’ Style

If you’ve ever wanted to go BASE jumping, this video will either make you reconsider your desire or to be this large of a badass.

David Ortiz’s Nephew Hits Line Drive Into Big Papi’s Nuts

Big Papi got a vasectomy courtesy of his nephew before last night’s series-clinching victory over Tampa Bay Rays. The tool used to conduct such a delicate

Soccer Player Can Squirt Tea Through a Hole In His Chin After Terrible Injury

OMG OMG OMG... HE'S GOT A HOLE IN HIS CHIN!!!!! British soccer player Gary Hake opened up an injury in his chin while jumping for a

Arizona Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson Was Kind Enough to Share a Photo of His Disgusting Finger

Playing in the NFL comes with some inherent risks. One of them is losing fingertips without even noticing because you're such an insanely jacked-up beast.

Manny Machado’s Knee Injury is Not for the Faint of Heart

Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado suffered a particularly nasty injury to his left knee during yesterday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. It's terrible news

Kevin Ware is Back to Dunking Basketballs

Kevin Ware, whose broken leg broke everyone else’s heart during last year’s NCAA Tournament, has made an amazingly quick recovery from his devastating injury.

Here’s Wayne Rooney’s Super-Gross Forehead Gash

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney missed Sunday’s match against Liverpool after suffering a nasty forehead gash caused by a nasty collision with teammate Phil Jones

Are You Sitting Down, Mets Fans? We Have Some Bad News About Matt Harvey

The New York Mets have been so very Met-y this year. The lone bright spot has been young phenom Matt Harvey, who started the All-Star

Houston Astros’ Max Stassi Got Beaned in the Face, Bled

It’s been a rough few days for Houston Astros rookie Max Stassi. First, he was the victim of a very lazy hidden ball play. That

Jason Heyward Got Hit in the Face, Bled

There is no amount of training that can prepare a guy for a 90 mph fastball directly to the face.

John Cena’s Elbow is All Fucked Up

This particularly disgusting look is a result of a torn triceps injury that will sideline John Cena four-to-six months. Wrestling may be fake, but it’s

Chicago Cubs Catcher Dioner Navarro Carted Off After Devastating Collision at Home Plate

Who wants to be a catcher? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?