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A Comprehensive Guide to Predicting Life After High School

We all know that Hooters waitress... 

This Infographic Shows How Much the Internet Has Changed Over the Decade

Think back on what the Internet was like 10 years ago. There was no Facebook, obviously, or YouTube or Wikipedia—the two forces that simultaneously help

Want to Know What City Has the Drunkest Singles?

People always write in asking me what city they should live in after college. I always say go big and never, under any circumstances, go

10 of the Biggest Stories You May Have Missed in 2011

What a year filled with crazy news stories! When we took a look back at the news in 2011 with the most Diggs, Views, Likes

The Periodic Table Of Swearing

A UK group called Clay Interactive recently came up with this awesome chart of swear words, arranged in the manner of the Periodic Table. Just