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This Breakdown of NFL Quarterback’s Salaries By Production Proves Sometimes You Don’t Have to Do Shit to Get Paid

Our friends at Next Impulse Sports just released this infographic detailing what each NFL quarterback made last year and what […]

Cheating, Explained

This chart covers every aspect of infidelity.

Infographic: The Weirdest Hangover Cures Around the World

Amazingly, no country suggested not drinking.

High-Priced Escort Creates Infographic of Her Entire Year of Work, Ate 177 Free Meals, Probably Boned Some Married Men As Well

Well, this is one way to spend your time when you're not "entertaining" clients.

Breaking: NFL Players Are Large

Players in the National Football League are big. Imagining them in an exit row seat of a commercial airliner or in a tiny compact car

This Detailed Breakdown of John J. Rambo’s Body Count by Movie Just Made My Goddamn Day

Suffice it to say I am a huge fan of anything Sylvester Stallone does. I don't know why, his acting pretty much sucks, but goddammit

A Sweet Infographic Has Charted the Evolution of Every NFL Logo

Well, this should keep you occupied for a bit...

Every Fact You Need to Know About the Super Bowl (Infographic)

The big game, and the end to the constant stream of Ray Lewis, is less than 36 hours away. That gives you just enough time

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Using Your Phone on the Toilet

We all do it. And you know exactly what I mean by "it": Use a smartphone like a Windows Phone or an iPhone or a

Did You Know There are Three Kinds of Sweat and One Smells Worse than the Others? [Infographic]

That's right, friends, there are three different kinds of sweat and according to recent survey done by Gillette Clinical Strength, 82% of men are currently

Curious to See an Infographic Detailing How Many Girls James Bond Has Bedded?

Face it: You've always wondered where James Bond stands on The Count. The guy's been going strong for 50 years and, after next week, 22

This Infographic Shows How Much the Internet Has Changed Over the Decade

Think back on what the Internet was like 10 years ago. There was no Facebook, obviously, or YouTube or Wikipedia—the two forces that simultaneously help

Check Out This Cool ‘History of the Man Cave’ Infographic

The guys at Epic Man Cave created a pretty solid infographic about the history of the Bro-zone layer. Definitely a bit odd that they skipped

‘Pulp Fiction In Chronological Order’ Is the Most Insanely Detailed Infographic Ever

I don't think Quentin Tarantino's actual storyboards for "Pulp Fiction" are as detailed as this incredible infographic by graphic design student Noah Daniel Smith. In

Everything You Need to Know About the Metoric Rise of Draw Something

$180 million. That's how much coin Zynga just swooped in to buy the one of the iPhone's most popular apps. The social drawing app has

How Accurate Is This List of White Guy Dance Moves?

Via Killer Infographics comes this genuis chart of white guy dance moves. Sadly, it's missing two of my wedding reception go-tos: The Butter Churner and

Sports and Social Media: The Infographic the World Needed

Twitter explodes during events, but nothing consistantly drives it more (celebrity deaths notwithstanding) than sports. Linsanity, Tebow, LeBron, Linsanity, Tebow, LeBron, and repeat. Below is

The United States of Binge Drinkers

Any guesses on which state in the U.S. binges the hardest? Who would have thunk it that it's the state with a professional baseball team

A Few Things You Need To Know About Mustaches and Movember

Folks: We're halfway through Movember. How's that stache looking? Bristly and man-tastic? Are you raising lots of money to give a firm middle finger to

Infographic: Top Horror Films of All Time

With Halloween only two weeks away, the people at CheapSally decided to create an inforgraphic of the top horror films of all time. Click on

Infographic: 64% of Americans Are Watching Online Videos At Work

Personally, I would have put that number closer to 85%. I suppose the pollsters are taking into account people who don't sit at a desk

How Accurate Is The ‘Dudes Of America, By Region’ Venn Diagram?

This Venn Diagram -- which comes via Next Round -- seems to neatly wrap-up all the dude stereotypes in the Contiguous United States. Buy I

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About Smuggling Cocaine in a Submarine

As it turns out, home-made submarines (Narco Subs) are 33% responsible for all the cocaine smuggled into the United States from Columbia.The Navy estimates that

A Graphic Guide to Very Very Many Varieties of Beer

This is my favorite type of visual aide. Pop Chart Lab has come up with this very cool graphic organizer for our favorite beverage: beer.