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Colts Beard Proves Some People Care Way Too Much About Sports

I like sports. I really do. I just don’t care about sports that much.

You’ll Never See More Missed Tackles Than on This Cincinnati Bengals Play

Here is the Indianapolis Colts' LaVon Brazill making a mockery of what the Cincinnati Bengals call a defense. 

Colts QB Chandler Harnish Drilled Pam Oliver in the Face with a Football Last Night

If you look closely, you'll see there is a receiver right behind her, so Harnish wasn't just out for Oliver blood with this throw. Still,

Jim Irsay Continues to Be Coolest Owner In Sports, Mails a Fan $8,500 In Cash Money

Hey, a bet is a bet, even when it's made on Twitter. 

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Shares a Crazy and Hilarious ‘Catfish’ Story on Twitter

Woah, read this. Beloved Indianapolis Colts punter and radio show host Pat McAfee shared a rather interesting "Catfish" story on Twitter this morning. Could this

Ray Lewis Will Retire at End of Season

All good things must come to an end.