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The Indianapolis Colts Also Joined the ‘Hazing With Haircuts’ Party, Their Rookies All Look Ridiculous

Yes, another post about hazing and haircuts

Andrew Luck is a Wedding Crasher

You sandbaggin' son of a ...

Colts LB Erik Walden Headbutts a Dude in the Face, Escapes Without Penalty

The NFL is all about player safety and that’s why this incident resulted in neither a penalty nor an ejection.

There’s a Video Out There of the Colts’ Trent Richardson Having an Orgy

How else are you supposed to prove to your friends you had a Menage a Quatre?

Hero Punter Pat McAfee Tested for Steroids After Making Tackle

The NFL’s drug-testing program is supposed to be random. But Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is wondering if his devastating tackle last night has anything

Reggie Wayne Made a Catch You’ll Have to See to Believe

The Indianapolis Colts spent the offseason filling their playbook with unconventional plays. So this Andrew Luck touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne touchdown pass last night

Here’s How the Indianapolis Colts’ Season Ended

Andrew Luck had a transcendent rookie campaign. This late interception in today’s 24-9 loss to Baltimore won’t make any of the highlight reels celebrating his

Is This Photo Colts Owner Jim Irsay Tweeted Douche or Bro?

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the NFL world this year by going 11-5 and making the playoffs—and their owner, Jim Irsay, is fired up!

Chuck Pagano Dances and Delivers Emotional Post Game Speech in First Game Back as Colts’ Head Coach

After the Colts defeated a shaky Texans team on Sunday, head coach Chuck Pagano danced, did a do-se-do with Jim Irsay, and then delivered a

Start Your Day With This Video of a Monkey Riding a Dog at the Colts Game

It takes a special person to shakily tape something off television with their phone and upload it to YouTube. We’d all be lost without these

Chuck Pagano is Back With the Indianapolis Colts, Still Kicking Ass and Taking Names

The Indianapolis Colts got their head coach Chuck Pagano back and they’re Chuckstrong-er than ever.

Andrew Luck Throws Game-Winning Touchdown Pass As Time Expires

The legend of Andrew Luck grows.

Indianapolis Colts Players Shave Heads to Support Coach Chuck Pagano

The Indianapolis Colts are having a hell of an inspiring year. They sit at 5-3 despite dealing with the absence of coach Chuck Pagano, who

Andrew Luck’s First Professional Pass Attempt Resulted in a 63-Yard Touchdown

Andrew Luck got off to a good start with the Colts last night; on his very first pass of the preseason he threw a long

Andrew Luck Talks About ‘Making Your Own Luck’ in His First Nike Commercial

I'm giving Andrew Luck's first Nike commercial a 4 on a 10-point scale. It's boring, features that godforsaken neck beard, and Nike decided

Colts Fan Sings ‘Peyton Manning Farewell Song’

Indianapolis Colts fans have a heavy heart today as they watched Peyton Manning announce that he would no longer be part of their

Watch Video of Peyton Manning Throwing Footballs at Duke

Well, we finally have some proof: Peyton Manning can still throw the ball. Before he took in last night's Duke-Carolina game in Cameron,

Taiwanese Animators Tackle the Manning-Lowe Affair… and Burn Jim Caldwell at the Stake

When Rob Lowe's tweet about Peyton Manning's impending retirement dropped yesterday, it sent the Internet ablaze. A confusing day ensued, as we wondered

Peyton Manning Is Retiring, Says Rob Lowe. Because Apparently Rob Lowe Is an NFL Insider Now

So "Parks and Recreation" actor Rob Lowe just put the entire sports media in DEFCON mode with a Tweet that Colts QB Peyton Manning is

High School Senior Has Worn a Colts Jersey Every Single Day of His Life Since Fifth Grade

3,000 days, roughly 8 years, countless sarcastic comments, and no sexual contact later, Indianapolis Colts fan Thomas Trinkle, 18, continues to wear his favorite team's

Colts Fans Show their Frustrations by Smashing a Guitar on their Head

This season is just pure hell if you're an Indianapolis Colts fan. Their Hall of Fame quarterback hasn't played one minute of football

Watch Colts DT Eric Foster Suffer a Gruesome Ankle Injury

Eric Foster might need a couple Tylenol this morning after his scary ankle injury last night on Monday Night Football. Foster's leg got

Is an NFL Owner Visiting Brett Favre to Recruit Him?

The NFL lockout has taken over the headlines this offseason, which is bad news for attention-loving Brett Favre. Usually Favre dominates the talk of the

Meet Malori Wampler, A Former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Who’s Suing the Team For Discrimination

Ah... There's nothing like a juicy cheerleader scandal to spice up an otherwise dull Wednesday afternoon. Alas, meet Malori Wampler, a former cheerleader for the