thirsty cops

India Police Raid Brothel Looking For Convicted Murderer Only To Find Fellow Officers In Charge Of Guarding Him


Police in eastern India raided a sex district in the red light area of Asansol in search of convicted murderer, Baiju Yadav.


Beef Is Now Highly Illegal In India And Excuse Me While I Stuff Down This Triple-Decker Cheeseburger

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India's 'Golden Age of Beef' (as I am calling it) has officially come to an end after a bill 19-years in the making came to fruition, banning the possession or sale of beef in Maharashtra (the state home to Mumbai and over 100 million Indian citizens).


Father Tortures, Kills His Daughter’s Alleged Rapist By Burning His Nuts With Tongs


A father in India is staring down the barrel of murder charges after he invited his 14-year-old daughter's alleged rapist over for dinner, then killed him by burning his testicles and strangulation.


This Indian Ferris Wheel Reminds Me How Big Of Pussies We’ve Become In America


This video taken of an Indian ferris wheel (and the acrobatic operators) at a fair in India is a glaring reminder that we're living in an America where legislation is dictated by massive pussies, and rules are in place to stop anything and everything.

large hands

Boy born with 28 pound hands lives an awful life


You've just got to feel for people dealt a crap hand right out of the womb.

public defecation

India Has Such a Big People-Shitting-In-Public Problem That They Had to PSA to Ask them to Stop


Here's a stat that blew my mind: 600 million people in India are doing the majority of their shitting in public.


Indian guys test to see if people will stop them from beating up a guy in public


India sometimes gets a bad rap for being low on human rights.


This chubby Indian kid crushed his dance performance on ‘India’s Got Talent’


You see a little chubby dude in an Indian cop costume hitting the stage on India's Got Talent and maybe you're not expecting a lot.


The Story of a Missing Boy Who Found His Home with Google Earth


When he was five years old, Saroo Munshi got separated from his brother at a train station in India.


Suicidal Woman Jumps in Front of Train, Survives


A woman from India jumped in front of a train at the last possible second and somehow survived.

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