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Gilbert Gottfried Reading Bill Pullman’s ‘Independence Day’ Speech Is a Form of Torture If Listened to on Repeat

No. Just no.

This Is What ‘Independence Day’ Would Look Like If It Was Made On A Budget Of 30 Cents…And The Actors Were All Pugs

Because why the fuck not.

32 Photos of Bros Getting Wasted on the 4th of July

So you got wasted, eh? Day drinking-a-palooza pics here...

‘Independence Day 2’ Is Coming in 2015

After nearly two decades of rumor and speculation, a sequel to HBO Hall of Fame candidate Independence Day is coming to screens on July 3,

‘Independence Day 2’ Might Be Happening….

"Might" as in "it's a longshot" and Will Smith definitely won't play ball. But here's the good news! 19 years after Independence Day hit theaters, Jeff

‘Independence Day’ Gets the Excellent Honest Trailer Treatment

July 4th is coming up soon. Here's how Will Smith's day went all those years ago. 

This Fireworks Law Map Lets You Know Which States Rule and Which States Suck

If you're planning on shooting off some exploding crap tomorrow, it might be a good idea to know what's legal in your state. American Pyro

Comedian Sean Kleier Recreates Bill Pullman’s Famed ‘Independence Day’ Speech All Over NYC

A reader just sent us this video of comedian Sean Kleier going all around NYC -- parks, subways, Victoria's Secret, etc -- reciting Bill Pullman's